Nicole Mace

Leveraging eLearning

About Nicole

Iā€™m Nicole Mace, Founder and CEO of Leveraging eLearning. I founded back in 2016 to first help educators leverage tech systems and eLearning platforms to remove them from day-to-day operations of classroom management.

Now, I do the same for small businesses! I help businesses organize operations to deliver higher-quality, consistent results to their clients. Ultimately, creating an unstoppable team that can function autonomously from the owner.

I partner with Trainual users to help them capture operations in a centralized location and develop an effective training experience for new and current team members. Through my three-phase training framework, Iā€™m able to fully support the organization of operations & transform training in 90 days.

Services include: Process + Policy Documentation, eTraining Development, Onboarding, and Data Tracking.


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