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About Nathan

Nathan Tuttle is an experienced educational leader known for driving positive change and achieving sustainable learning outcomes. With over 22 years of experience in public and charter schools, Nathan excels in leadership and coaching, creating systems-driven organizations that enhance teaching and learning.

Throughout his career, Nathan has successfully transformed underperforming schools into high-performing institutions by implementing Relay and Leverage Leadership principles. Through strategic planning, curriculum development, and tailored professional development, he has created engaging learning environments that bridge gaps and foster student and staff mastery.

In addition to academic excellence, Nathan demonstrates strong entrepreneurial and management skills. He has effectively managed multimillion-dollar budgets, overseeing operations such as facilities management, contract negotiation, HR, and vendor management.Colleagues and stakeholders praise Nathan for his passion, discipline, creativity, and sense of urgency. He builds strong relationships with students, families, and communities, leading to remarkable turnarounds and improved academic performance.As an educational leader, Nathan collaborates with staff and stakeholders to ensure a continuous journey towards student success. He develops teachers and administrators through coaching and tailored professional development, guided by Relay principles. Nathan promotes continuous improvement, fosters inclusivity, and emphasizes the limited time available to shape students' lives for growth and excellence. He unites teachers, staff, and the community in closing educational gaps and elevating student outcomes.Nathan's leadership and excellence have been recognized throughout his career.

His schools have achieved strong performance data for students of color, outperforming other institutions consistently. His success can be attributed to highly vetted curricula, streamlined lesson planning, transformational teacher coaching, student engagement strategies, and data-driven decision-making.With a Master's of Arts in Teaching from Relay GSE and a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from Indiana University School of Music, Nathan is committed to ongoing professional development in educational leadership.

Beyond his work in schools, Nathan has founded his own company, A Clear What To Do, leveraging his expertise to provide valuable solutions to educational institutions. His company specializes in guiding schools in creating effective onboarding processes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), streamlining operations, and maximizing efficiency for better student outcomes.Through A Clear What To Do, Nathan supports educational institutions in their pursuit of excellence, helping them navigate challenges and optimize processes for long-term success. His entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to improving teaching and learning make him a valuable asset to any educational institution.


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