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Like building a house, the foundation takes time. But once that’s done, the rest goes up really fast. It’s the same for your business. Your playbook—Trainual—is your foundation, established so that your business and team really grow.

Founding Story

Before Chris Ronzio was 25, he had built and sold an event video production company. And the secret to scaling that business was a foundation of repeatable systems and processes. 

No matter where in the country an event was, or which production manager, video crew, or sales reps showed up, the experience was the same. And that came down to streamlined training with systems in place driving repeatable results.

After exiting the video business, Chris started helping other small business owners organize their own operational processes and scale their teams on systems. Trainual, in beta form, was built as a simple solution for those clients.

In late 2017, it was impossible to ignore the raving results from early Trainual adopters and the decision was made to stop consulting, rebuild the app from the ground up, and go all in.

Since January 2018, Trainual has served thousands of businesses in 120+ countries and aims to arm every small business with a playbook for scale.

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