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Process is our passion.

Inside of every business, there is an individual or core team that’s trying to document processes and use systems to make what they do more consistent, repeatable, and scalable. Why?

Because that would make the business run smoother. And it would free up their time to work on bigger problems, chase bigger opportunities, or do more of what they love outside of work. And the benefits extend well beyond that.

You can actually avoid your best people leaving, retain and nurture great talent, ensure everybody does things the right way every time, and even get yourself out of the day-to-day grind if you simply spend the time to document how you do what you do in simple step-by-step sequences.

And that’s exactly what we built Trainual to do. But our founding story goes much deeper…

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Process is our passion.
Trainual Methodology

Do it. Document it. Delegate It.™

We used to be small business process consultants. Then after helping over 150 businesses around the U.S. build bigger teams, open more locations, and create more profits, we turned our Do it. Document it. Delegate It.™ method into an app that finally made scaling up simple.

Do it.

First, you figure out how to do something. This is the core of your business. It’s what you do to make money.

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Document it.

Once you’ve developed the best way to perform a task, manage a process, or get something done, write it down.

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Delegate it.

Now that you have roles, responsibilities, and processes documented, someone else on your team can step in to do it.

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Who Is Trainual?

Meet The Team

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Chris Founder & CEO

Jonathan Partner & CMO

Chelsey Operations Manager

Zach Product Engineer

Sara Business Development

Amber Sr. Director Partnership & Brand Experience

Taylor Director of Product

Cindy Executive Assistant

Tyler UX Designer

Alex Customer Success

Brittan Content Manager

Becky Marketing Manager

Shawn Learning and Development Lead

Justin Junior Developer

Nic Video Content Creator

Anton Developer

Pavel Developer

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