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Capture every step-by-step process, policy, and operating procedure in one place then automate onboarding and training to make things simple as you scale.

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Get Your Business Out Of Your Brain
Why Trainual?

Every process, every role, every responsibility, consistent, teachable, and organized in one place.

See how it works in less than 1-minute. Watch the video below!

Every process, every role, every responsibility, consistent, teachable, and organized in one place.

Trusted by thousands of companies just like yours.

From real estate to HR, franchise businesses to B2B services, and everything in between.
Trainual is here to help your team grow.

“We thought we could get away with Google Docs
– turns out that’s a giant nightmare lol”

– Adam, SEO Brothers
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Trainual Features

Document every how-to and need-to-know.

You know nobody reads the printed employee handbooks and nobody knows where all your current Google or Word docs are.

With Trainual, capture your company’s tribal knowledge in the cloud and track that every new hire gets the same information delivered the same way every time.

Document every how-to and need-to-know.
Document Everything You Do In One Place

Trainual is more than an onboarding and training tool. It’s an interactive wiki for your business. Once your team starts documenting what they do, you’re on your way to building a turnkey operations manual and long-term memory bank.

Automate Onboarding & Training

Associate content and processes by role, department, or location to create templates and automate your onboarding. If you hire someone new for that role, just assign them and they get everything they need to know and nothing they don’t.

Stop Repeating Yourself

Instead of answering the same questions and explaining the same processes over and over, make it easy for employees to access all the information they need to do their job right the first time and every time.

Test Employees On Their Knowledge

Ensure your people know how to do what’s expected of them with simple tests built into automated sequences. Track logins and monitor user progress. Screen your new hires or prospective employees for comprehension and commitment.

Retain Talent & Reduce Turnover

The easiest way to keep good people around is to ensure they never feel lost in their role or in your company. Nurture and develop their skillsets and keep them in the loop with easy ongoing training.

Cut Costs & Boost The Bottom Line

Think about how much time you spend getting each new hire up to speed. Some stuff has to happen face-to-face, but a lot of it is pretty basic. Now what’s your billable hourly rate? How much money could you be saving if you cut training time by 50% or more?

Powerful Search For Referencing SOPs On The Go

Search for keywords and topics across all of your company’s training materials and SOPs to find and reference or update whatever you need when you need it.

Push Updates To Your Team Automatically

As soon as any content is changed or added in Trainual, any employee who has previously completed that subject will get a notification that there is new material. They will have to log in, review, and re-complete to stay in the know.

Embed Videos, Forms, & More

Do you use Typeforms for company-wide surveys or record how-to videos using Loom Screen Recorder? Maybe most of your training content lives on YouTube. Great! Embed it all and organize it into subject tracks by role or responsibility.

Live Saved Changes While Editing

Create subjects and knowledge flows, auto assign content to new employees in specific roles, and use photos, videos, or upload existing docs to make training easier than ever. Never have an out of date or inconsistent training manual again.

Custom Brand Your Account

At first login, you can add your logo and select custom colors for your account to get everything in line with your brand. Then, add your team, assign roles, and start creating subjects in no time.

1000+ Easy App Integrations

With native integrations to Gusto, Rippling, and Zapier, connect Trainual to the ecosystem of apps you use everyday to boost productivity across the board.

Plans & Pricing

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$ 79 /mo

Up to 25 Employees

Unlimited Training Content
Custom Brand Your Account
Document Every Process
Assign & Automate Training
Track Progress & Report

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$ 159 /mo

Up to 100 Employees

Unlimited Training Content
Unlimited Archived Users
Custom Brand Your Account
Document Every Process
Assign & Automate Training
Track Progress & Report
Library & Forum
1,000+ App Integrations
Onboarding & Migration Support
Quarterly Account Quality Audits
IP Restricted Login
VIP Facebook Group
Access to Trainual API

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High Growth

$ 279 /mo

Up to 250 Employees

All The Premium Goodness
Just For Bigger Teams!

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“The ultimate onboarding & training tool!”

Trainual was the missing piece in the puzzle for us. We’ve been documenting processes for years, but it wasn’t uncommon for employees to say they didn’t know where to look. Trainual helps us close the gap.
– Jeff P.

I am blown away with the platform, ease of use, and simplicity. We can now train staff with a click of a button and I’m actually excited to nerd out and build new curriculum for all areas of my business.

Russ Perry
Russ Perry
Founder, Design Pickle

Before we started Trainual, if I wasn’t in the building and someone had a question, they were pretty much screwed. Now what I can do is just give my whole lecture series, record it, upload it, and then it’s infinitely reproducible. I can train 10 people in 10 different places at once!

Dr. Flora Waples
Dr. Flora Waples
Co-Founder, RESTOR Medical Spa

Trainual ensures everybody is getting the same information all the time.

Tonya Kinney
Tonya Kinney
Customer Experience & Operations, Dorm Room Movers

Our favorite part about using Trainual is that our new hires are now fully trained to add value in 7 business days, compared to 15-20 days prior.

Carson Holmquist
Carson Holmquist
CEO/Founder, Stream Logistics

I have to say that I love the system and it’s becoming a game changer for us. Our business sector is required to comply with significant levels of Government legislation and Trainual is a fantastic way for us to make sure that our staff have the relevant knowledge to action their work appropriately.

Richard Duncan
Richard Duncan
Richard Duncan MRICS, Director Chaneys Chartered Surveyors

2019 Top 10 LMS Software

Trainual has been named a 2019 FrontRunner for Learning Management Systems on Software Advice by Gartner based on real usability reviews and user recommendations from North American small businesses.

2019 Top 10 LMS Software

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