5 Ways You Can Partner With Trainual To Scale Your Team

Rach Richardson

July 15, 2021

Most of us aren’t professional writers, instructional designers, or company trainers. But you’re still the person responsible for documenting how you do what you do. 

And if you’ve ever tried writing a standard operating procedure, you probably found out real quick that it’s not easy. You might have even kicked the can and switched your focus to other, more urgent tasks.

But the only way your business can scale and grow is by going back to it and documenting how your business operates. That way, anyone can help you do it, and you can grow your team. 

So, how exactly do you do that? Well, at the risk of oversimplifying, you lean on us – that’s how!

If you’re more of a DIY-type, we love that! Get yourself on the fast track with our Help Center, on-demand training, and process templates. Or, if you’d like a friend along the way, we’re here for you – no matter what it is you need. Here are a few options to get us collabing: 

🔥 Tip: Bookmark our on-demand resources (especially the Help Center) to get the answers you need faster! 

1. Get yourself a quick win

Got 30 minutes? Then, you have time for a quick win!

Fellow Success Manager Rachel Astori explains, “documenting your business is easier when it’s a bunch of small, quick wins. Rather than one, giant task.” This keeps documenting your business from feeling overwhelming because it breaks up how you get it all done. 

Meet our Customer Success Manager, Rachel Astori!

Of course, these quick wins could mean working on process documentation for half an hour. But it can also mean making your content feel more like your brand and making tweaks to increase effectiveness. 

If you’re not sure where to get started, join us live for our Quick Wins series. We’ll walk you through one aspect of Trainual, give you all our best practices, and get you one step closer toward having a complete business playbook. AKA we’ll give you a really quick win!

Right now, we have several Quick Wins happening every month, including: 

But we’re constantly using your questions and feedback to add sessions or improve the series.

👉 Want to get some quick wins for your business? Sign up for a session today!

Success Coach and L&D expert Shawn Jensen (AKA one of the brains behind the series) knows that “learning isn’t an event. It’s a process. And it happens over time.” So, this constantly evolving series supports your long-term success with your team’s training tool.  

And even if you still feel a bit overwhelmed, Success Manager Wil Pagod reminds you, “don’t forget! We are here to make sure you have a plan to prioritize your business documentation.” And these Quick Wins sessions are the first step!

2. Attend a Content Design Workshop

Maybe you already built the quick and dirty version of your training tool, and it’s working. But you’re ready to take that content to the next level. If so, this one’s for you! 

One of our strong suits (if we do say so ourselves) is teaching you to design beautiful content that is equally fun and engaging. That way, your team is actually interested in the information. And they retain a lot more of it – and need to retrain on a lot less of it. 

Join Shawn any Thursday for our weekly Content Design Workshop. In one hour, you’ll walk away with our simple framework for transforming yawn-inducing subjects into hyper-engaging training content. 

Meet our Success Coach in Learning and Development, Shawn Jensen!

For example, most processes are long-form written-out steps. And we’ll say it first – they’re not super interesting. But by adding pictures, videos, and gifs, you can liven up the content and get your team engaged in the information. 

Plus, with our best design practices in mind, Shawn will help you build a model subject. AKA one, perfectly documented process. 

That way, you can just clone the model, replace the information with another process, and push the finished product live in a fraction of the time. And as a result, all your training content comes out equally engaging and effective! 

👉 Sign up for the live Content Design Workshop – any Thursday that works for you. Or, if Thursdays are no good for you, watch the on-demand version now.

3. Get the answers you need

We love to see customers win! But that’s especially true for our Success Managers, Wil and Rachel. 

Meet our Customer Success Manager, Wil Pagod!

As soon as you start using Trainual, Rachel and Wil work behind the scenes to make sure you look good! It starts with a quick Q&A session where you’ll get tactical steps to get you started in Trainual. 

Plus, each session is personalized to what you want to know. Meaning, the duo is here to answer any questions you have – even if it means going off on a tangent. 

Have questions, but not sure what to ask? No worries – we’ll go over how to create content curated to how adults learn best, as well as get you a few starter templates. And if you come up with questions along the way, we’ll take the session in your direction! 

👉 We’ll email you an invite to the Q&A. But if you think you missed your invite, invite yourself by sending us an RSVP to support@trainual.com.

4. Meet your Success Manager

But it doesn’t stop there. Once you’re all set up in Trainual, take advantage of a free 1:1 session with your dedicated Success Manager. They can’t wait to meet you and learn how they can support your business. 

Rachel and Wil have helped small businesses in nearly every industry implement our tried, tested, and proven best practices. Wil explains that “it’s exciting for us to meet [so many small business leaders]. We become the people they can rely on for insights, strategy, and to help with roadblocks.” 

When I asked him to elaborate, he told a story about a business owner that wasn’t tech-savvy and, at first, struggled to adopt Trainual. 

“They knew how important documenting the business was to their growth, so they committed,” Wil told me. “We developed a great bond right away. We had weeks and weeks of 1:1 training in the beginning. 

“It’s been a year, and the company has grown. They’ve added 125 new users, created content, and now, Trainual is a staple in their business. Today, we barely chat because they don’t need me anymore! That’s the most gratifying part – they can do it on their own.”

And if your first 1:1 is super helpful, make it recurring! Rachel recently worked with a self-identified serial entrepreneur who didn’t have the bandwidth to document the processes for even one of their ventures. 

So, Rachel set up short weekly calls with this business owner. And together, they strategized how to tackle building the training content, rolling it out to his team, and keeping it up to date – without it all falling on the entrepreneur. 

Today, this entrepreneur has documented processes for all their ventures. And they’re scaling multiple businesses at the same time. (Show me an entrepreneur that doesn’t need a partner like that. Go ahead – I’ll wait.)

👉 Ready to schedule your first 1:1 session? Send an email to support@trainual.com and we’ll make it happen!

5. Ask for extra help in real-time

You’re not always going to know what questions to ask or what session to attend. You might be knee-deep in documenting your business when you realize “I don’t know how to do that” or “what happened?” 

Shawn, Rachel, Wil, and I, we’re here for those moments, too! 

Meet Rach Richardson, one of our Success Coaches!

Hop on an impromptu call (our number is 1-602-962-6130, and we actually answer). Chat with us whenever at support@trainual.com. Or, get the answers you need in seconds with our Help Center

Or, if you’ve got everything under control but just want to bounce ideas, share training tips, and get connected, we’re here for that too! Join us anytime in our exclusive Facebook community, Trainual Insiders. AKA the ultimate small business community. 

The only thing we ask from you is a bit of feedback. We’re in the business of scaling your small business. And we can’t do that if we don’t know where your growing pains are. 

So, let us know! That way, we can add Quick Win sessions, build customizable process templates, create on-demand content, or whatever else you need. 

Got feedback that’s product-specific? We love that too! Pop into our Idea Board to submit your ideas. You can even check what’s under consideration, coming soon and newly released. 

Now for the big questions: what are your business goals? I think Rachel puts it best: “There’s not one cut and dry way to define success. When we understand what it means to you, we can help make sure you get there. But whatever it is, we’ve got you covered!”

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