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Substance Abuse Policy Template

This template provides a basic structure for your company substance abuse policy.

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Substance Abuse Policy Template

This template provides a basic structure for your company substance abuse policy.


We want our workplace to be healthy and safe for everyone. So, while substance abuse is a difficult topic to talk about, we feel that we have a responsibility to address how it can affect our workplace.

Here, we'll define substance abuse, outline the negative consequences, and provide resources for employees struggling with substance abuse.


This policy applies to all employees (including full-time, part-time, and contractors).

Our Substance Abuse Policy

What is Substance Abuse?

Here at [company name], substance abuse refers to excessive use of psychoactive drugs (like alcohol, prescribed medication, or illegal drugs). As well as inappropriate use of these substances.

And we recognize the physical, social, and emotional harm it can have - both on the individual struggling with addiction and their team.

Our Substance Abuse Policy

While at work, we have zero tolerance for any substance (except medications used as prescribed). The only exception is alcohol in moderation at company events where it's provided or explicitly allowed (for example, a party or a virtual happy hour).  

We also do not allow any employee to sell, buy, or distribute substance or drug-related paraphernalia

To avoid substance abuse in the workplace, we require all employees to conduct drug tests for the following reasons:

  • We have extended you a new position or a promotion.
  • An accident occurred in the workplace, and its cause is unclear .
  • You appear to be under the influence while at work.
  • Your name is selected at random by our [HR department].

If your drug test comes back positive, disciplinary action may be taken up to termination. Consequences are determined by [HR] depending on the severity of the case.

If the substance that tests positive is prescribed, we will require validation from your [local law and the doctor who prescribed it]. However, if the prescribed substance poses potential safety concerns in your position, you may be transferred to another role. For example, this transfer will occur if your job requires the operation of heavy machinery.

Disciplinary Action

The following may trigger disciplinary action:

  • Refusal to take a required drug test.
  • Testing positive for any hard or illegal drugs.
  • Use of any substance while on company property.
  • Selling or attempting to sell any drug (prescribed or not).

If you are found doing any of these things, we will apply our [disciplinary action process] to resolve the issue.

Struggling with Addiction

If you are struggling with addiction, please talk to [HR contact]. They will handle the matter discreetly, let you know what resources are available, and point you toward programs that can provide the help you need.

If you prefer not to talk to anyone at our company, please call the addiction hotline at [1-800-662-4357].

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Have a question about this policy? Reach out to a [member of our HR/contact person].

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