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Products & Services FAQ Template

This template provides a location where internal team members can easily access the frequently asked questions about your products and/or services.

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Products & Services FAQ Template

This template provides a location where internal team members can easily access the frequently asked questions about your products and/or services.


A Good Resource for Customer Questions

In our commitment to delivering exceptional customer experience, we understand the importance of clear and accessible information about our products and services. To facilitate this, we have compiled a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our offerings. This resource serves as a quick and easy reference guide, providing answers to common queries that our customers have had in the past. The aim is to enhance customer understanding, satisfaction, and confidence in choosing and using our products and services.

Having a well-organized FAQ section helps in reducing confusion, saving time for both our customers and support team, and improving overall service efficiency. It also reflects our dedication to transparency and customer support. By addressing these questions proactively, we are not only assisting in the decision-making process but also building trust and a stronger relationship with our customers. This FAQ is an essential tool in our ongoing effort to provide outstanding customer service and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trainual Product

What is Trainual?

Trainual is a documentation and training software that allows users to build a playbook for their business. It offers an easy-to-use interface that allows business leaders to create the processes, policies, people, and company content to train their employees for standardized and streamlined operations.

Who is Trainual for?

Trainual is for anybody who needs to get their business out of their brain, to train and scale their teams. If your training content is scattered all over the place and you're struggling to delegate responsibilities, Trainual is for you! Our typical customer is a small to medium size business with 5-500 employees. Trainual is a favorite among entrepreneurs and CEOs, HR and Operations leaders, office managers and admins, because Trainual helps standardize the way work gets done, streamline onboarding and training processes, ensure all employees have the knowledge they need to do their best work, and keep teams aligned and accountable no matter where they work from. Trainual is not an enterprise tool, though there are teams in the thousands who find success with Trainual for specific use cases.

Is Trainual hard to use?

Nope! Trainual is super intuitive. In fact, Trainual has been voted "#1 Easiest To Use" small business onboarding, training, and SOP software by reviewers on G2 every year since 2019. Adding your team is quick, building your content is as easy as writing an email, and rolling out training happens in just a few clicks. Now, we're not saying it doesn't take time! Documenting stuff about your business isn't the most automated of processes... though our AI writing feature does help speed things up! But the time you put in, you get back ten-fold. And to get back to the question, no, it's not hard to use!

Does Trainual host media?

It’s simple to copy your existing training content (documents and photos) into your Trainual team curriculum. Videos must be hosted elsewhere (Vimeo, Wistia, YouTube) and can be embedded into Trainual.

Implementation Service

What is Trainual implementation?

Implementation at Trainual is a specialized setup support that’s like a personal concierge for new customers. Available to certain plans, this complimentary VIP service supports business documentation and training that’s up and running within a few weeks. 

What does the implementation service include?

As soon as a customer starts, they're paired with one of our implementation specialists. The goal is to accelerate content creation and get teams up-to-speed fast. Implementation specialists will work with customers directly for the first four weeks of their Trainual journey to get them to value as quickly as possible.

An implementation specialist will: 

  • Set up the framework of the account. 
  • Teach customers the best ways to create content in Trainual with weekly 1:1s.
  • Help migrate content from other software, manuals, and docs. 
  • Be the go-to for any questions about the Trainual account.

What happens during implementation?

Every business is unique, and their needs and expectations will differ based on their goals and starting points. Some businesses have nothing documented — others have a ton of content documented somewhere on their hard drive. Regardless, implementation always starts with a kickoff call to determine the customer's needs. This is followed by group trainings to get the team familiar with the Trainual platform, followed by any necessary content migration, as well as a rollout plan to get Trainual out to the rest of the company.

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