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Pools & Aquatic Centers - Visitor Check-in Process Template

This process template outlines how your staff should welcome visitors to your pools and aquatic centers.

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Pools & Aquatic Centers - Visitor Check-in Process Template

This process template outlines how your staff should welcome visitors to your pools and aquatic centers.


Why We Have This Process

At our community pool and aquatic center, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of all our visitors, which is why we've implemented a streamlined Visitor Check-In Process. This process is not just a procedural formality; it's the first step in ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and efficient experience for everyone who comes through our doors. 

By efficiently managing the flow of visitors, we can accurately monitor pool occupancy, maintain a secure environment, and ensure that all guests have the necessary information and resources for a pleasant visit. This check-in process also allows us to quickly communicate pool rules and safety guidelines, minimizing the risk of accidents and enhancing the overall visitor experience. Our commitment to a smooth check-in is part of our broader effort to provide a welcoming, organized, and safe environment for our community members to enjoy their time in the water.

Check-in Procedure

Required Materials for Check-in

For an efficient and smooth check-in process at any of the community pools or aquatic centers we manage, visitors are required to present the following materials:

  1. Identification (ID): A valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport, to verify the visitor's identity and age, especially for adults.
  2. Membership Card: For members, a current membership card is necessary to access member benefits and entry. If the card is lost, please contact the front desk for assistance.
  3. Signed Waiver/Form: All visitors, especially new ones, must complete and sign a liability waiver or any other necessary forms as part of our safety and compliance measures.
  4. Health Declaration (if applicable): During specific health concerns or seasons, a health declaration form might be required to ensure the well-being of all visitors and staff.
  5. Payment Method: For non-members or guests paying for single entry, classes, or services, a valid form of payment (cash, credit/debit card, or mobile payment) must be presented.

Rules for Child Supervision

When checking in parents or guardians who are bringing children under the age of 18 into the facility, staff members should follow a structured process to ensure safety and compliance with our policies. 

Firstly, verify the identity of the adult and confirm they are the parent or legal guardian of the child or children accompanying them. This can be done by asking for a valid ID and, if available, a family membership card that includes details of the children.

Next, staff should have the adult fill out a consent form if it's their first visit or if any information has changed since their last visit. This form should include emergency contact information, any medical information relevant to the child's safety while at the pool, and a liability waiver.

Ensure the parent or guardian is informed about the pool's rules, especially those pertaining to children, such as supervision requirements, age-specific areas, and any swim test policies for accessing deeper parts of the pool. Finally, provide the parent or guardian with wristbands for themselves and their children, which help staff identify that the children are supervised and have permission to be in the pool area. This system aids in quickly reuniting separated children with their guardians and ensuring that all visitors enjoy a safe and pleasant experience at our facility.

Monitoring Pool Occupancy

Monitoring pool occupancy is crucial to ensuring the safety and comfort of all visitors. Our community pool has a strict limit on the number of people allowed in the pool area at any given time, adhering to safety regulations and capacity constraints. Staff members are responsible for keeping an accurate count of visitors entering and exiting the pool area to prevent overcrowding.

To accurately keep count of visitors, we utilize a clicker at the front desk. Staff members are responsible for clicking once for each visitor as they enter, ensuring we have an accurate, real-time count of occupancy levels.

If visitors arrive when we're already at maximum capacity, staff should politely inform them of the situation and offer alternatives, such as waiting for others to leave before entering or suggesting the best times to come back when the pool is less crowded. It's important to manage this process calmly and professionally, ensuring visitors understand it's for their safety and enjoyment. Staff should also monitor the pool area continuously and be prepared to adjust the flow of visitors as people leave, ensuring a smooth and efficient management of pool occupancy.

Post Check-in

Post check-in, it’s essential to ensure visitors are well-informed and directed appropriately within our community pool/aquatic center. Staff should provide clear directions to the locker rooms, pool areas, and other facilities, ensuring visitors can navigate the center with ease. Additionally, providing visitors with concise information on pool rules, safety guidelines, and emergency procedures is crucial. Even though we have signs with our pool rules posted throughout the facility, we like to ensure that visitors are reminded verbally upon entry.

Informing visitors about these guidelines helps maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. Staff should emphasize the importance of following pool rules, the location of safety equipment, and the procedures to follow in case of an emergency. This initial orientation is vital for first-time visitors but serves as a helpful reminder for returning guests as well. Ensuring each visitor is aware of these aspects post-check-in contributes to a smooth, enjoyable, and safe experience at the pool.


Have Questions?

The visitor check-in process is a fundamental part of managing our facility effectively. It ensures that all visitors are accounted for, understand our facilities and rules, and have a safe and enjoyable experience. 

Following the outlined steps for check-in, including handling materials, checking in minors, monitoring pool occupancy, and post check-in procedures, are essential for maintaining order and safety.If you have any questions or encounter situations not covered in this process, please speak with your supervisor or the facility manager. 

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