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New Employee Post-offer & Pre-start Process Checklist Template

This checklist template helps your HR team keep track of everything they have to do once they hire a new employee.

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New Employee Post-offer & Pre-start Process Checklist Template

This checklist template helps your HR team keep track of everything they have to do once they hire a new employee.


The Importance of Connecting with New Hires Pre-start Date

We’ve shuffled through a bunch of applications, sat through a ton of interviews, and now it’s official — we’ve got a new employee joining the team!

We like them, they like us, and that’s all we need to worry about before they start in the next few weeks, right?

Bzzt bzzt — wrong. There’s a lot to cover on our side and theirs before the official start date. We want that new employee to feel welcomed from the moment they get their offer letter. Below, we'll walk you through the full pre-start process so you'll know each step, action, and event that you'll need to complete to seal the deal on a great starting experience for every new hire.

Critical Elements Prior to Onboarding

To make sure our new hires are not only pumped about starting, but also fully prepared for their first day, we tackle a few critical elements after they’ve accepted their offer letter.

  • Connections. We’re go-getters, so we start to bridge connections early. That way, the new hires can already feel like part of the team.
  • Communication. We want to send them all the information they need to be fully prepared for day one!
  • Access to information. Onboarding is a long process, and that first week is going to be stuffed with training, events, and activities. That means getting their Trainual account set up asap.
  • Creating efficiencies. The onboarding process is basically the same for every new hire — but setting up that experience can take a little bit of work. We want to make those first few days as smooth as possible.

Every item on the pre-start checklist falls under one of these elements. This sets everyone involved up for success.

The Pre-Start Process Checklist

Create Their Employee File

Maintaining a comprehensive employee file is crucial for HR compliance, record-keeping, and effective management. This is the place you’ll go if you need to reference any paperwork about the new employee.

We create a digital file folder in Google Drive for each candidate-turned-employee using their name as the folder title. These folders are located in the Employee folder.

There are a few documents you can stick in here already, including:

  • Job application.
  • Resume/CV.
  • Cover letter.
  • Letters of recommendation.
  • Job listing with role description and list of responsibilities.
  • Their signed offer letter.

Create New Accounts for Systems Access

Before our new hire starts, there are a few different systems that they need access to. So, we need to create new accounts for them.

Email: Google Workspace

Of course — email. Love it or hate it, a company email is crucial for all employees. And you can’t beat the collaboration capabilities, integrated tools, and data security of Google Workspace (which is why we use it).

You will need to set up the new hire’s Google account to set up their onboarding schedule, as well as link all their other software accounts — here’s how to add their new account.

HR management: JustWorks

We use JustWorks as our HR employee management software because of its ease of usability and its comprehensive collection of services, including payroll, benefits, and compliance support.

One of the perks of JustWorks — it takes care of collecting all new hire paperwork! We just need to add the new employee to our account. Check out JustWork’s guide to adding new people here.

Task management: Asana

We use Asana as our primary task management software. There’s a lot of stuff our new employee needs to take care of during onboarding, so we set them up with a task list.

We’ve created a task template that can be duplicated and assigned to each new employee so they can be 100% clear on what's expected of them and know when everything needs to be completed in their first 2 weeks on the job.

But before they can access their task list, they need an Asana account! Here’s how to add them.

Onboarding and training management: Trainual

Trainual is a platform we use for efficient onboarding and ongoing training. It centralizes our processes, policies, and SOPs into a searchable, trackable system.

Trainual allows us to streamline our onboarding process, ensure consistent training, and keep everything updated in one place. It's a great tool for new hires to get up to speed quickly and understand their role and responsibilities better.

Here’s how to add the new hire to our Trainual account.

Send an Introductory Email to the New Hire

We’re excited to have new hires join our team — so we gotta let them know! That’s why we send an introductory email after they’ve accepted the job offer, welcoming them to the team. The new hire email also includes some important information about their new email and software accounts.

We use the following email template as the introduction to all our new hires:

Welcome Email Template

Dear [NAME],

We are so thrilled you are joining us!

Unless I hear from you otherwise we will plan on [DATE] as your first day.

I'd like to introduce you to [NAME], our [ROLE], 1) because they’re AWESOME and 2) because they own our incredible onboarding experience. They will be your main point of contact (POC) on any and all questions related to your onboarding experience.

You will be getting an invite from [HR SYSTEM NAME], our HR system! Make sure to confirm your account and complete your profile.

Once confirmed, we will give you access to your email and you'll be able to see your onboarding schedule /activities that have been scheduled for you during your first 2 weeks.

While we all count down the days until we officially work together, please click here to take this super fun new hire survey to help us get to know you better? We'd love to share your bio with the rest of the team!

Thanks so much!


Schedule Onboarding Activities

We use Google Calendar for all employee meeting scheduling. You will need to coordinate directly with department heads and team members to identify the best times for required meetings.

The rest of the time should be filled up with their various onboarding activities (which should be outlined in the New Employee Onboarding Process).

Once you’ve scheduled out all their meetings and trainings for the first two weeks of onboarding, share the new hire’s Google credentials with them — that way, they can get a sneak peek at everything that’s waiting for them when they start!

Prepare Their Work Equipment — and Onboarding Swag

Welcoming a new employee involves more than just formal paperwork — it's also about creating a positive and engaging first impression. An essential part of this process is preparing their work equipment (and some onboarding swag), which plays a crucial role in their initial experience and integration into the team.

For their work equipment, ensure that all necessary technical equipment, such as their work laptop, is ready and functioning. IT should install all required software and tools, including access to company networks and email accounts.

And if the new hire is working onsite, arrange a clean and well-equipped workspace. For remote employees, verify that they have the necessary home office setup and offer support if additional equipment is needed. Remote employees will also need to receive all their equipment pre-start date, so make sure you send it all off on time!

As for their onboarding swag, here's a list of everything we include to help our new hires feel welcome from the day they accept their job offer:

  • A North Face backpack: Adventure-ready, with a handwritten welcome card!
  • Tech gear extravaganza: Some AirPods Pro, a Magic Mouse + Keyboard, or a $150 Amazon gift card. Ready to rock on day one!
  • Personalized snacks: Tailored to preferences from pre-onboarding surveys. Great ideas need great snacks!
  • Company swag: T-shirts, hats, H2O Hydro Flask, hot water tumbler, chapstick, sticky notepad, stickers, pens, and pins. Represent the team in style!
  • Our CEO's best seller: A signed copy of their book, with insights and strategies for success.

Assign Training in Their Trainual Account

We’ve already talked about why we use Trainual to onboard and train our employees — now, it’s time to make use of it.

We have a standard set of Trainual subjects that are assigned to every new hire that comes through the door. They can be found in the Group for new hires, and it includes the following:

New hires will also have team and role specific training they have to complete. Ask their direct supervisor to assign them the content.

Get the Team Hyped About the New Hire

Finally — it’s time to share your new hire with the rest of the team!

First, make sure that the new hire’s direct supervisor has shared this news with their department. They should be the first to know so they’re prepared for their newest member!

Then, send an introductory email (or Slack message) to the rest of the company. Introduce the new member, their role, and a little bit about them personally. This helps to create a sense of anticipation and excitement about the new addition!

Introductory email example

Subject: Welcome our New Team Member!

Dear Team,

I hope this email finds you well. I am excited to announce that we have a new addition to our vibrant team. Please join me in extending a warm welcome to [NAME], who will be joining us as [ROLE].

[NAME] brings a wealth of experience and expertise in [SKILLS AND AREAS OF EXPERTISE]. With their strong background in [INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE], we are confident that they will make valuable contributions to our team and help drive our practice's success.

Throughout their career, [NAME] has demonstrated a passion for [AREAS OF FOCUS]. Their creative mindset, attention to detail, and dedication to delivering exceptional work align perfectly with our practice's values and culture.

As [ROLE], [NAME] will be responsible for [KEY RESPONSIBILITIES]. Their unique perspective and skill set will undoubtedly contribute to our collaborative and innovative approach.

To help [NAME] settle in smoothly, I encourage each of you to reach out and introduce yourselves. Let's extend our support, share our knowledge, and make them feel welcome as they embark on their journey with us. We believe their fresh insights and expertise will enrich our team dynamic and lead us to even greater achievements.

Please join me in welcoming [NAME] to the team. We are thrilled to have them on board and look forward to the positive impact they will make on our projects and customer relationships.

If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to me or the HR team. Let's work together to ensure a seamless transition for [NAME].

Thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to our practice's success.

Warm regards,


HR Manager


A stand-out onboarding experience makes new employees feel appreciated and a part of a team as early as possible. And a strong onboarding process can improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%. So yea, it’s a big deal! We want to put our best foot forward and give employees a sense of culture and value from the start.

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