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Freelancing Policy Template

This template provides a basic structure for your freelancing policy.


If you find yourself looking to bring in a little extra money on the side, here are a few guidelines to ensure that your side hustle doesn’t interfere with your work here.


Our freelancing policy applies to all full-time and part-time employees who are currently or looking to freelance (or side job) in addition to their role here at [company name].

Freelancing & side jobs

What is freelancing? Our company defines freelancing as any “outside employment” where you work for yourself. As a freelancer, you might take on contract work for another company but, ultimately, you are self-employed.What is a side job?A side job (aka a side hustle) refers to any paid position (full-time or part-time) for a company that is not [company name]. For example, working at a coffee shop on the weekends is considered a side job. As is consulting, running a business, and holding a board position at an organization.

Our freelancing policy

We allow all employees the opportunity to freelance or take on a side job in addition to their work here. But with that being said, we don’t encourage freelancing or side jobs.If you take on either, we require that you let [your manager/HR] know that your bandwidth and schedule has changed as soon as possible - even if you do not anticipate it impacting your role here.You are expected to treat your position with us as your primary job. We expect you to prioritize your projects with us over your other job(s).However, working one-off jobs here and there is not considered freelancing or a side job. There is no need to let your manager know if you are:

  • Working one shift now and again at a family member’s or friend’s business
  • Working on a one-off freelance project
  • Volunteering routinely

There are a few cases of freelancing and side jobs are not allowed, including:

  • Accepting a job offer/ working for a competitor. This could easily violate your non-compete agreement, not to mention our confidentiality policy is always in place.
  • Working a job with hours that overlap with your primary job. If the second position schedules you to work when you are expected to be with us, you may face disciplinary actions. You must complete work for us the hours you are at [company name] (not including breaks).
  • Take on a second job that is too demanding. If this position or project begins to negatively affect your work at your primary job (like if you are always exhausted), this may come back in your performance reviews. If the impact is severe, we may take disciplinary actions.

Working a job that creates a conflict of interest. Accepting a job/project with our company’s clients/vendors/contractors outside of your position at [company name] will most likely create a conflict of interest. Starting a business in direct competition with us while working here is considered a significant conflict of interest.Please note: This policy only applies to legal jobs. If you take on any illegal work (for example, dealing drugs), your employment may be terminated immediately. If you use our company’s equipment to assist in these criminal endeavors, it is in our power to take legal action against you after your termination.

Manager responsibilities

If someone on your team lets you know that they are taking on a side job or freelancing, document this information [using this form] as soon as possible. If the work is for a competitor or poses a conflict of interest, tell [a member of HR] immediately.

Using company resources or equipment

Company equipment is meant to be used for tasks and responsibilities related to your position here.During non-working hours, you [may/ may not] use equipment - like your company laptop - for personal use, such as freelancing.Please note that all company policies still apply to company equipment, even if you're using it outside of working hours or for activities not related to work. Confidentiality, cybersecurity, and code of conduct included.[Some] company equipment, [like your company car] can never be used outside of working hours or non-work-related reasons.Please reach out to [your manager/HR] if you have any questions about company equipment.

Disciplinary actions

If your attendance or performance begins to falter because you are freelancing or working a side job, we may:

If you cannot make the adjustments required, we reserve the right to release you from your position with us.Likewise, disciplinary action will be taken, and legal action may be taken if you're found:

  • Disclosing confidential company information
  • Working for a competitor

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Have a question about this policy? Reach out to [HR contact].

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Freelancing Policy Template

This template provides a basic structure for your freelancing policy.

Organize the chaos
of your small business