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Employee Relocation Policy Template

Use this template to describe your relocation policy to new or remote employees who don't live near your main office.

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Employee Relocation Policy Template

Use this template to describe your relocation policy to new or remote employees who don't live near your main office.


Why We Have a Relocation Policy

At our business, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of workplace innovation. Embracing a remote-hybrid model, we offer our team the flexibility to work from the comforts of their homes or from our dynamic base of operations. 

We believe that while virtual collaboration is powerful, the magic of in-person interactions remains unparalleled. This Employee Relocation Policy is born from that belief. 

We have crafted this policy to offer our employees the exciting opportunity to relocate and collaborate closely with fellow team members, fostering a sense of community and enhancing our collective creativity. We understand that relocating can be a significant decision, and through this policy, we aim to provide clarity, support, and encouragement. It's our way of ensuring that every team member has the chance to experience the best of both worlds, aligning with our vision of a connected and synergized workforce. 

Our Employee Relocation Policy

Who’s Eligible?

We are fully committed to fostering a workplace environment that thrives on collaboration and in-person synergy. In line with this, we have outlined our eligibility criteria for relocation assistance to ensure transparency and fairness in supporting our team members.

Employees currently residing in the U.S. are eligible for relocation assistance if they live outside of a 45-mile radius of our main office. This encompasses those who are residing in distant parts of the state, as well as those who are based out of state.

However, it's important to note that, at this time, we are unable to extend relocation support to our team members living internationally. Additionally, we do not sponsor work visas for employees. While we deeply value the diverse perspectives of our global team, there are logistical and regulatory complexities that currently limit our ability to assist in international relocations.

Relocation Support and Benefits

Our commitment to ensuring a seamless relocation experience for our eligible employees is paramount. Recognizing the diverse needs that can arise during a move, we've designed a comprehensive lump sum package that aims to cover the primary costs associated with the relocation process.

When you decide to relocate, you will receive an upfront lump sum package of $15,000, which provides financial assistance meant to cover the following essential aspects of your move:

  • Packing and moving services: Costs related to packing, transporting, and safely delivering your belongings to your new location.
  • Temporary housing: Accommodations you might require while transitioning to your new place or awaiting the readiness of your permanent residence.
  • Home-finding trips: Expenses incurred while exploring potential new homes, including accommodations and meals during these trips.
  • Storage facilities: Should you need to store your belongings temporarily, the costs related to storage services are covered.
  • Travel and transportation: Airfare, train tickets, car rentals, or other transportation expenses associated with your move.

This lump sum package is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to allocate the funds to the services that best suit your unique relocation needs. We're here to support your journey, making your transition to the proximity of our main office as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Repayment and Return of Service Agreement

Relocating to be closer to our base of operations is not just a change in geography; it represents a commitment to our shared vision and goals. To ensure a fair balance between the company's investment in your relocation and your commitment to our collective success, we've put in place a Repayment and Return of Service Agreement.

Conditions for repayment:

  • If an employee voluntarily resigns from the company within a specified time frame after relocating, the employee will be required to repay a prorated amount of the relocation lump sum provided.
  • Termination due to performance issues or misconduct within this period will also necessitate repayment. However, situations like organizational layoffs or health-related exits will be exempted.

Duration of commitment:

  • After benefiting from the relocation assistance, employees are expected to commit to a service period of 18 months with the company. Should an employee leave before this period concludes, the repayment requirement comes into effect, proportionate to the remaining service time.

This agreement underscores our mutual dedication to our mission and growth. While we're investing in making your move possible, we cherish your commitment to contributing positively to our journey ahead. Your understanding and adherence to this agreement help sustain a just and flourishing work environment for all.

Starting the Relocation Process

If you're considering embarking on the exciting journey of relocation to further connect with our company’s local community, we're here to support you every step of the way. To initiate the relocation process or if you have any questions regarding the policy, please reach out to our Human Resources (HR) department. We’ll be ready to guide you, ensuring a smooth transition and addressing any concerns you might have. 

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