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Employee Accessibility Policy Template

This template provides a basic structure for your employee accessibility policy.


Nothing at work should hold you back from doing your job. And it is our goal to make sure that you can safely and fully do your job. This policy will help you understand the efforts and measures we’ve taken to make our services, facilities, and equipment accessible for all employees and their visitors.


This policy applies to [all employees, contractors, and visitors] with a disability of any kind that might impact their experience at our company or office environment.

Why do we have an accessibility policy?

We believe all people, regardless of their abilities, should be able to safely move about our office space and do their best work. Because of this, we have taken the appropriate measures to make sure individuals with disabilities can make full use of our facilities and equipment. This policy outlines those measures and holds us accountable for upstanding them.

What is a disability?

We define disabilities as, but not limited to:

  • [Physical conditions that make everyday tasks more complicated (such as opening doors, walking up a set of stairs/long distances, reading signs/assignments)]
  • [Speech, hearing, visual, and anything other neurodivergent condition]
  • [Chronic conditions that require assistance or continual medical attention]

By no means is this an exhaustive list. If you feel you need a specific accommodation based on a particular need or are unsure how this policy applies to you, please contact [your manager/HR].

Our employee accessibility policy

Here at [company name], we make every effort to create an accessible workplace for all employees and visitors. This includes allowing individuals with disabilities to use assistive devices, support persons, and services animals on company property as needed.In areas where animals are not allowed by law or company policy, signage will be posted. We also require that [our office manager] informs individuals with disabilities of these restrictions upon their arrival.

How we ensure accessibility

To ensure our facilities are accessible to all, we have:

  • [Accessible communication formats (such as software for the visually/hearing impaired, like a screen reader-friendly website)].
  • [Ramps at entrances and exits to all areas employees need access to].
  • [Readily available, accessible, and designated parking spots for disabled employees (and enforcement of these spots)].

If you have suggestions or concerns about any of these measures or require further accommodations, please contact [your manager/HR].

Disciplinary actions

Any disciplinary action taken against you on account of your disability counts as discrimination and is not allowed. On that note, if you feel that you are being discriminated against because of a disability, immediately contact [HR].

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Have a question about this policy? Reach out to [HR contact].

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