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Dental - Welcome to the Practice Policy Template

Use this policy template to set up your company's introductory Subject.

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Dental - Welcome to the Practice Policy Template

Use this policy template to set up your company's introductory Subject.

All About Us


Welcome to Smiles Ahead Dental Care! We're super excited that you're here and are looking forward to working with you.

Welcome to Smiles Ahead Dental Care! Whether you're a new addition to our family or have been a vital part of our growth for years, we want to take this moment to reiterate how valued you are. Our practice thrives on the hard work, dedication, and passion each one of you brings to our mission.

Smiles Ahead Dental Care is not just a dental practice; it's a testament to the vision of making a meaningful difference in people's lives. Founded by Dr. Usha Chinnathambi in 2000, our practice has grown exponentially from a small clinic into a state-of-the-art dental care facility, but we've always held onto our core principles: patient-centered care, community engagement, and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

In this module, you will delve deeper into the history, structure, and ethos of our organization. We firmly believe that understanding our roots and philosophy is an integral part of delivering the exceptional service that Smiles Ahead Dental Care is known for.

We're excited to have you on this journey with us. Together, we'll continue to put 'smiles ahead' and make a real difference in our community.

What's Next

It's time to get to know where we came from and the values we live by in our work. You'll also learn about our vision and mission. Yes, those things that every business is supposed to have but often don't actually live by. We do, you'll see!

Take good notes (physical, digital, mental) and continue on, friend! 😎

Our Origin Story

How it Started

Smiles Ahead Dental Care was founded in 2000 by Dr. Usha Chinnathambi, a dedicated and passionate dentist. Dr. Chinnathambi always knew she wanted to create a dental practice that emphasized patient comfort and holistic oral health.

Having grown up in a small town, she saw firsthand the impact of inadequate dental care on her community. Many were anxious about visiting the dentist due to past negative experiences, while others struggled with accessibility issues.

This made her realize the importance of not only providing high-quality dental care but also fostering an environment that alleviated patients' anxieties. She wanted to establish a practice that felt like a warm, welcoming place rather than a sterile, intimidating clinic. Her goal was to change the narrative about dental visits — from something to be dreaded to something to look forward to.

With this vision in mind, Dr. Chinnathambi established Smiles Ahead Dental Care in the heart of her hometown. She sought to create a practice that provided top-tier dental care and was deeply rooted in the community. From day one, she strived to ensure that her clinic was a place where patients felt comfortable and well cared for.

Where We Are Today

From a small clinic with just two dental chairs and a handful of staff members, Smiles Ahead Dental Care has grown exponentially over the years. Today, the clinic boasts state-of-the-art dental equipment and a dedicated team of dental professionals who share Dr. Chinnathambi's vision of compassionate and comprehensive care.

Despite the clinic's growth, Dr. Chinnathambi's core values of patient-centered care, community engagement, and continuous learning remain at the heart of Smiles Ahead Dental Care. These values are reflected in the clinic's commitment to ongoing staff training, its investment in the latest dental technology, and its active role in community outreach programs.

Smiles Ahead Dental Care is more than just a dental clinic — it's a testament to Dr. Chinnathambi's lifelong commitment to her community, her profession, and her patients' well-being. Through her dedication and vision, she has created a dental practice that truly puts smiles ahead.

Where Does Our Name Come From?

The name "Smiles Ahead Dental Care" was chosen to embody the vision and core values of our practice. The 'Smiles' part of our name represents the direct impact of our work — creating beautiful, healthy smiles for our patients. It signifies the joy, confidence, and well-being that good oral health brings to individuals.

The 'Ahead' part of the name has a dual meaning. Firstly, it encapsulates our commitment to staying at the forefront of dental care, using advanced techniques and technology to provide the best possible treatment to our patients. Secondly, it represents our focus on preventive care — we aim to help our patients stay "ahead" of potential dental issues, promoting good oral health habits and preventive treatments to keep their smiles healthy in the long run.

So, "Smiles Ahead Dental Care" reflects our mission to create beautiful smiles today while ensuring our patients' oral health for tomorrow, all while maintaining a steadfast commitment to innovation and preventive care. It's a name that encapsulates who we are and what we do in the most succinct way possible.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

"To provide comprehensive, top-tier dental care in a compassionate, patient-focused environment."

At Smiles Ahead Dental Care, we strive to promote oral health awareness and maintain the highest standards of professionalism. Our goal is to transform the perception of dentistry by emphasizing preventive care, reducing patient anxiety, and delivering personalized service that puts the patient’s needs and comfort at the forefront.


Our Vision

"To be a leading dental care provider known for exceptional service, patient education, and community engagement."

We envision a future where dental health is an understood and prioritized aspect of overall well-being in our community, where every patient looks forward to their dental visits, and where Smiles Ahead Dental Care continues to pioneer dental service delivery through continuous learning, innovation, and the unwavering commitment of our staff.

Our Core Values

About Our Core Values

Everything We Do Is Centered Around Our Core Values

Core Value 1: Show Up Ready

Show Up Ready: Plan enough to pull it off, and pivot if needed.

For our customers and our co-workers, we embody preparation and order. We work from an agenda. We start and end meetings and appointments on time. We put in the effort to polish what we present, all in an effort to build trust with those around us. When a patient chooses us, they expect an experience that's comfortable and professional. This requires tremendous planning and preparation, so this characteristic has to be a core trait of everyone that works here.

Core Value 2: Carry the Groceries

Carry the Groceries: Carry extra weight without being asked.

Before starting my first business, I bagged groceries at a supermarket in Massachusetts. No one ever expected me to carry the groceries to the car, but when I did, it made their day. It’s such a simple thing, and took only an extra minute of my time, but it made a tremendous difference in that customer’s experience at the store. When working here, be helpful everywhere possible.

Go above and beyond whenever you sense a need. Look for opportunities to impress, and be ready to roll your sleeves up to make someone else’s life a little easier. It’s what we do.

Core Value 3: Make Ideas Happen

Make Ideas Happen: Execute on what you innovate.

We don’t just tolerate change, and go along for the ride; we drive change. Companies are like cruise ships, and turning them can take some time. But turning the wheel happens in just a few seconds. It’s the decision to redirect and to make something different. It’s the vantage point at the front of the boat where you can see where you’re heading before anyone else knows. We are the ones to initiate this change. It’s up to us to have the vision, to always look forward, and to spot obstacles and opportunities before they become issues.

Core Value 4: No Red Tape

No Red Tape: Work hard to make every process easy.

There is nothing more frustrating than a bureaucratic process, and you won’t find one here. Never make customers or coworkers jump through hoops. Don’t let policy supersede logic. You’ll never go wrong making things easier on others, so challenge every system that could have fewer steps, more automation, and less complexity.

Core Value 5: Collect Experiences

Collect Experiences: Have endless curiosity for new perspectives and knowledge.

We work with people in all different industries, from all different walks of life. In order to build trust, understand the real picture, and help create change, we need to build real relationships. You should be able to walk into any coffee shop in America and strike up a friendly conversation with anyone. Listen to others, and relate to them. Be an experience collector, so that you have an endless supply of topics that can be used to find common ground. Smiles Ahead Dental Care team members are likable!

Core Value 6: Everyone Has a Key

Everyone Has a Key: In results we trust.

You'll notice from your first day that every employee here literally has a key to the office. We trust you, or we wouldn't have hired you.

Some people say trust is earned, but we believe that trust is the default. Everyone carries their weight, and everyone is an owner of what we are building. We won't tell you exactly how to get the job done — you won't find micromanagement here. So, remember that your productivity is measured by your impact and your effort.

Activity: Let's Make A Plan

Love our core values? Now, let's make some...


Create goals for how you will embody each of the 6 Core Values in your first 90 days.


  1. Show up Ready: "I will arrive early to my shifts and meetings, thoroughly prepare for my daily tasks, and strive to learn as much as I can about our dental services and our patients' needs to ensure I'm ready to handle any situation."
  2. Carry the Groceries: "I will take the initiative to assist my colleagues without being asked, whether that means stepping in to help clean treatment rooms during busy periods or offering to take on additional tasks during a team member's unexpected absence."
  3. Make Ideas Happen: "I will actively participate in team meetings and brainstorming sessions, bringing forward innovative ideas for improving patient care or office efficiency and taking responsibility for implementing those ideas."
  4. No Red Tape: "I will familiarize myself with our existing processes and procedures, and if I notice a process that could be simplified or made more efficient, I will not hesitate to suggest improvements."
  5. Collect Experiences: "I will make an effort to get to know each of my coworkers and our patients personally, to learn from their unique experiences and perspectives, and to apply this newfound knowledge to my work and interactions."
  6. Everyone Has a Key: "I will take ownership of my work, put forth my best effort in every task, and consistently strive to make a positive impact on our team and our patients. I understand that my productivity is measured by my impact and effort, and I am trusted to get the job done."

Pro Tip: Share your goals with your team! Your ideas will give them ideas and their ideas will give you ideas. Grow your values together!

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