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Company Travel Policy Template

Use this template to draft your company's travel policy.

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Company Travel Policy Template

Use this template to draft your company's travel policy.

About Traveling

Why We Travel

At [Company Name], we recognize that business travel is an important part of our operations and is necessary for the success of our company. We are committed to providing our employees with the support and resources they need to travel safely and effectively, while also ensuring that our travel policies align with our company's goals and values.

Traveling Rules

Our travel policy outlines our expectations for business travel and the steps we are taking to support our employees and ensure the success of our company.

  1. Employees are expected to obtain approval from their manager or supervisor before booking any business travel. This allows for proper planning and budgeting, and ensures that the travel aligns with our company's goals and priorities.
  2. Employees are expected to book travel using our preferred vendors and to follow the guidelines and procedures provided by those vendors. This ensures that our employees receive the best rates and services, and that our company is able to track and manage travel expenses effectively.
  3. Employees are expected to adhere to our company's policies and procedures while traveling, including those related to safety, security, and expense reporting.
  4. Employees are encouraged to plan and prepare for their travel, including by obtaining the necessary visas and vaccinations, and by familiarizing themselves with the destination and any potential risks.
  5. Employees are expected to keep their manager or supervisor informed of their travel plans and to provide updates as necessary. This ensures that the company is aware of the location and status of our employees while they are traveling.

By following these guidelines and working together as a team, we can ensure that our business travel is safe, efficient, and successful.

Booking Business Travel

To Book Travel:

  • Work with [NAME] to find the best flight and hotel/Airbnb option for your trip, then get costs pre-approved by your manager.
  • Our preferred domestic airline is [AIRLINE]; however, depending on where you're traveling to / from, it's recommended that you book the most economical class and itinerary.
  • Approved hotels include [HOTELS] — something in the ballpark of [PRICE RANGE PER NIGHT]. We realize that during certain events, even cheaper hotels may cost more. If you're questioning it, just ask [NAME & CONTACT INFO]!
  • If you're traveling with team members, sometimes Airbnbs are much more cost-effective. If it's just you, we'd prefer you stay in a hotel for safety reasons. 
  • Book your flight and hotel accommodations as far in advance as possible to get the most affordable itinerary (ideally at least one month prior).

Travel Expenses

Examples of Allowable Expenses:

  • In-flight or in-room internet.
  • Parking.
  • Restaurants or room service for primary meals.
  • Fees for late check-outs or early check-ins required to accommodate a traveler's meeting schedule.

Examples of Non-Allowable Expenses:

  • Flight change fees (unless there's an emergency or urgent need to change your itinerary and you have approval from [NAME & CONTACT INFO] and your manager).
  • In-room movies.
  • Minibar charges.
  • Hotel laundry / dry cleaning service.

🔥 Tip: See our Company Expenses & Reimbursements Policy for more information.

Travel Do’s and Don’ts

Travel and Represent!

Traveling for work is a great way to bond and connect with our customers and teammates (if they come with you)! Keep in mind that when you're invited to attend events, you are a representative of our company from the moment you begin your travel until the moment you arrive back home. How you "rep" us while traveling for work can directly affect the success and reputation of our brand so we want to make sure everyone is aware of what's expected of them. (Hint: don't do anything you wouldn't do in the office!) That's what we'll cover here.

Traveling Do’s


  • Prepare for weather and pack accordingly.
  • Dress for success: wear slacks and a blouse / dress shirt. If you're wearing jeans, make sure they look nice and dress them up with a nice top. No t-shirts. (If you are traveling the same day the event starts, we recommend traveling in your event work clothes, so you're prepared immediately upon arrival.)
  • Make sure shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day. Wear wedges, boots, dress shoes — no sandals.
  • Remember to pack your laptop/chargers/dongles/Stripe CC reader, etc. Basically, anything you'll need.
  • Plan in advance for any promotional swag — who's responsible and what is being brought.
  • Prepare for prompt flight arrival — at least 60 minutes before boarding to allow flexibility for any security delays, or arrive even earlier if you're checking bags.
  • Don't forget your conference credentials/badges if applicable.
  • If exhibiting, prepare for prompt arrival/set up and plan to stay after the event is over for breakdown.

Traveling Don’ts


  • Threaten or intimidate others.
  • Initiate in or participate in acts of violence.
  • Become intoxicated.
  • Get arrested.
  • Vandalize.
  • Steal or defraud.
  • Participate in indecent or inappropriate behavior.
  • Participate in any action which negatively affects a customer or our relationship with any individual customer.

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