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Childcare Center - New Employee Onboarding Process Template

Use this process template to set up the onboarding process for new hires at your childcare center.

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Childcare Center - New Employee Onboarding Process Template

Use this process template to set up the onboarding process for new hires at your childcare center.

*Disclaimer from Trainual

Please note that this template is not a legal document. And its information is for general knowledge and educational purposes only — not to provide advice on how to structure your organization's processes and/or policies. Meaning, this template should never be taken in place of legal advice. 

To use, you will need to customize this template to meet all your company's requirements. So, please update it with any and all relevant information before rolling it out (like deleting this step)!


Welcome to Our Childcare Center!

Welcome to the team! 

As the director of this childcare center, I'm thrilled to have you join us. Your role is vital in shaping the early experiences of the children we care for, and I trust that you will bring passion, dedication, and creativity to our community. Our center prides itself on not only providing exceptional care, but also fostering a nurturing environment where both children and staff can grow and flourish. I look forward to seeing the positive impact you will make and am here to support you as you embark on this rewarding journey with us. 

As you continue with this subject, we hope to provide you with an easy-to-follow onboarding process that will set you up for success in the classroom. Welcome aboard!

[Insert name], Center Director

The Importance of Employee Onboarding

The onboarding process is a critical first step in your journey with our childcare center. It's designed to ensure you feel welcomed, informed, and prepared to succeed in your new role. Through this comprehensive introduction, you'll gain a deep understanding of our center's mission, values, and the expectations of your position. You'll also learn about the policies and procedures that safeguard the wellbeing of the children in our care. 

This process is crucial for building a strong foundation in our community, enabling you to confidently contribute to our shared goal of creating a nurturing and educational environment for our children. Moreover, it facilitates a smooth transition into your role, promoting early engagement and connection with our team. 

Ultimately, a thorough onboarding experience empowers you to make a meaningful impact from day one, ensuring both your success and the continued excellence of our childcare services.

Using Trainual for Onboarding

Why We Use Trainual

Trainual is the platform we use for efficient onboarding and ongoing training. It centralizes our processes, policies, and SOPs into a searchable, trackable system.

Trainual allows us to streamline our onboarding process, ensure consistent training, and keep everything updated in one place. It's a great tool for our newest employees to get up to speed quickly and understand their role and responsibilities better. Plus, it’s a great resource to review training material, search for answers to any questions you may have about our policies and processes, and get info about our company and staff.

What You Can Expect

Once you finish this Subject and have a good understanding of what your onboarding will entail, you’ll find the dedicated order of your training material on the Home page. 

Your onboarding should include:

  • An overview of our childcare center’s policies and guidelines.
  • Your role-specific training and operational procedures.
  • Employee benefits.

Your First Day

Getting Started

The first day on a new job can be an overwhelming experience, but we’ve designed our onboarding process to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Before you begin, you will want to gather the following information:

  • Printed and signed copy of the job offer letter you received via email.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Social Security card.
  • Banking information for direct deposit, including account and routing numbers.
  • CPR, MAT or other training certificates.
  • COVID vaccine card, if applicable.
  • Emergency contact information.

Role Overview and Expectations

Part of your onboarding includes reviewing the responsibilities and expectations of your new role so that we are all aligned on what that looks like moving forward.

Teacher Responsibilities and Role Expectations

Create a Safe and Nurturing Environment:

  • Ensure the safety of all children in your care.
  • Provide a nurturing atmosphere conducive to learning and development.

Develop and Implement Educational Programs:

  • Plan and execute age-appropriate educational programs that cater to the developmental needs of children.
  • Utilize creative teaching methods to engage children and stimulate learning.

Monitor Child Development:

  • Regularly observe and assess each child's progress and development.
  • Maintain accurate records of children's growth, behavior, and learning achievements.

Communicate with Parents and Guardians:

  • Establish and maintain open, friendly, and cooperative relationships with each child’s family.
  • Provide regular updates to parents about their child’s development, behavior, and well-being.

Maintain Classroom Organization:

  • Keep the classroom clean, organized, and well-stocked with necessary supplies.
  • Ensure that learning materials and toys are safe and appropriate for the age group.

Participate in Professional Development:

  • Engage in ongoing professional development and training opportunities.
  • Stay current with best practices in early childhood education and care.

Collaborate with Staff:

  • Work closely with other teachers and staff to create a cohesive and supportive team environment.
  • Participate in staff meetings and contribute to the center's goals and planning.

Adhere to Policies and Regulations:

  • Follow all center policies, procedures, and state regulations regarding childcare and education.
  • Participate in the development and review of center policies.

Handle Emergencies:

  • Be prepared to respond effectively to emergencies, administering first aid as necessary.
  • Ensure that all emergency procedures are followed correctly.

Assistant Teacher Responsibilities and Role Expectations

Support Classroom Activities:

  • Assist the lead teacher in preparing and conducting educational activities and lessons.
  • Help manage classroom materials and setup for daily activities.

Engage with Children:

  • Provide individual attention to children, assisting with learning activities and daily routines.
  • Encourage positive interactions among children to foster social skills.

Monitor Safety and Well-being:

  • Ensure the safety of children at all times, following the center’s safety protocols.
  • Assist in maintaining a clean and organized classroom environment.

Assist with Child Development Monitoring:

  • Help observe and record children's progress and behavior under the guidance of the lead teacher.
  • Participate in discussions with parents and guardians regarding their child's development as needed.

Provide Care and Comfort:

  • Assist children with personal care routines, including meals, restroom breaks, and nap times.
  • Offer comfort and support to children in need, ensuring a nurturing environment.

Collaborate with the Teaching Team:

  • Work closely with the teaching team to plan and implement classroom activities.
  • Participate in staff meetings and contribute ideas for improving classroom practices.

Professional Development:

  • Engage in professional development opportunities to enhance skills and knowledge in early childhood education.
  • Stay informed about the latest teaching strategies and educational resources.

Follow Policies and Procedures:

  • Adhere to all childcare center policies, procedures, and state regulations.
  • Support the lead teacher in enforcing classroom rules and managing student behavior.

Emergency Preparedness:

  • Assist in emergency situations, ensuring the safety and well-being of all children.
  • Be familiar with emergency procedures and first aid practices.

Uploading Certifications

Some of our new hires have had the opportunity to complete certain certifications before joining our team. If you have completed your CPR and/or MAT certifications, please email a copy of your certificate to our center manager. 

If you are not certified, do not worry. We will provide training opportunities throughout the year.

Your First Two Weeks


At our childcare center, the safety and security of the children entrusted to our care is our utmost priority. To ensure a secure environment and maintain the highest standards of child safety, all employees and volunteers involved in childcare services are required to undergo fingerprinting and a thorough background check. This policy outlines the procedures and expectations for fingerprinting and background checks for all individuals associated with our center.


1. Fingerprinting and Background Check Requirements:

  • All prospective employees, volunteers, and contractors who will have direct contact with children must undergo a fingerprint-based background check before commencing their duties.
  • The background check will include a review of criminal records and other relevant information, conducted in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

2. Fingerprinting Process:

  • We will provide information and assistance to individuals in scheduling their fingerprinting appointments with authorized agencies.
  • The cost of fingerprinting and background checks will be covered by the center.
  • You will receive an email notification with instructions for completing your fingerprinting. (If you have already completed fingerprinting, please complete the waiver form as instructed on the BCIS website.)
  • Fingerprinting must be completed during the 2-week onboarding period and before your first day of hands-on work in your role. This means you have 14 days after your hire date to complete this process.

3. Review and Approval:

  • Once the fingerprinting and background check results are obtained, they will be reviewed by the designated personnel at the center.
  • Individuals with disqualifying criminal histories as defined by applicable laws and regulations will not be eligible for employment or volunteer positions involving childcare.

4. Ongoing Monitoring:

  • Employees and volunteers with ongoing responsibilities for childcare will be subject to periodic background checks as required by law or as determined by our childcare center.

5. Confidentiality:

  • All information obtained through fingerprinting and background checks will be treated as confidential and shared only with authorized personnel.
  • Access to this information will be restricted to those involved in the hiring and supervisory process.


Failure to comply with this Fingerprinting Policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or volunteer status.

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed and updated as needed to ensure compliance with current laws, regulations, and industry best practices. We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all children in our care, and this policy is an essential part of that commitment.


During the first two weeks of onboarding, new employees at our childcare center can expect a comprehensive training program designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for your roles. Training will encompass:

  • Child Development and Early Education Principles: Foundational training on age-appropriate developmental milestones, learning activities, and educational strategies.
  • Classroom Management Techniques: Strategies for creating a positive learning environment, managing group dynamics, and encouraging constructive behavior.
  • Health and Safety Training: Including first aid, CPR certification (if not already obtained), and guidelines for maintaining a healthy classroom.
  • Parent Communication: Best practices for building strong relationships with parents and effectively communicating children’s progress.
  • Specific Role Training: Tailored sessions focusing on the distinct responsibilities and expectations for teachers versus assistant teachers, ensuring role clarity and preparedness.

This initial training period is crucial for integrating new staff into our team and setting the stage for both your success and the well-being of the children in our care.

Your Office Mentor

As part of our onboarding process, new employees at our childcare center are paired with experienced in-office mentors. This mentorship program is designed to facilitate a smoother transition into the workplace, providing new staff with a supportive and knowledgeable guide during their initial days and beyond.

Benefits of In-office Mentorship:

  • Guidance and Support: Mentors offer personalized guidance, answering questions and addressing concerns that new employees might have about their roles, responsibilities, or the center's policies and culture.
  • Enhanced Learning: Mentors provide practical, on-the-job training, supplementing formal training sessions with real-world insights and techniques that are specific to our childcare center's environment.
  • Faster Integration: Having a mentor accelerates the integration of new employees into the team, helping them understand the dynamics and workflows more quickly and deeply.
  • Professional Development: Mentors can identify areas for growth and recommend professional development opportunities, aiding in the career advancement of new employees.
  • Emotional Support: Starting a new job can be overwhelming, and mentors serve as a valuable source of emotional support, making new employees feel welcomed and valued.
  • Networking: Mentors introduce new staff to other team members, helping them build their professional network within the center.

This mentorship connection is invaluable, ensuring that new employees have a go-to person for advice, support, and encouragement as they navigate the early stages of their new position. It embodies our commitment to fostering a nurturing and collaborative workplace where everyone can thrive.

Check-in Meetings

You’ll also have scheduled check-in meetings with your direct supervisor. These meetings are a crucial part of ensuring a smooth transition into your new role. Initially set on a weekly basis, these check-ins provide an opportunity for open dialogue about your experiences, challenges, and any assistance you might need as you navigate your first few weeks.

The goals of these meetings are multifaceted: to offer feedback on your progress, to clarify expectations, to address any questions about your role or responsibilities, and to discuss your professional development path within the childcare center. These sessions also allow supervisors to tailor the onboarding experience to better suit your needs and ensure that you have the support required to succeed and thrive in our team. 

Ultimately, these check-in meetings foster a supportive atmosphere, encouraging open communication and a strong start to your journey with us.

Creating a LinkedIn Profile

Creating LinkedIn profiles allows our staff members to professionally showcase their skills, experiences, and achievements. There are numerous benefits to having a LinkedIn profile in our industry, including:

  • Access to a professional network: Connects with industry peers and potential partners.
  • Recruitment: Attracts top talent and demonstrates commitment to employee growth.
  • Brand Visibility: Increases online presence and credibility.
  • Thought Leadership: Positions the company as an industry authority.
  • Customer Engagement: Fosters relationships and showcases success stories.
  • Market Research: Gathers industry insights and tracks competitors.
  • Business Development: Generates leads and explores partnerships.
  • Crisis Management: Allows transparent communication during crises.
  • Employee Advocacy: Amplifies the company's message through employee engagement.

If you don’t currently have a LinkedIn account, here’s how you can create a profile. Add your work history, education, and upload a professional picture or headshot.

If you do have a LinkedIn account, we recommend updating it to showcase your new employment with our childcare center, and connecting with the other members of our staff.


Ready to go!

As we wrap up this overview of your onboarding process, we want to reiterate how thrilled we are to welcome you to our team. You are now a crucial part of our community, dedicated to nurturing and educating young minds. We understand that starting a new role comes with its set of challenges and questions, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Should you have any concerns, require clarification, or just need to talk through any aspect of your new role, please do not hesitate to reach out to the center manager. We're committed to ensuring your transition into our team is as smooth and rewarding as possible.

Welcome aboard! Your journey with us is just beginning, and we are excited to see the positive impact you will have on our children's lives and the contributions you will make to our community. Here's to a successful and fulfilling career at our childcare center.

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