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“We were at eight employees when I joined in early 2016,” said Leo Rooney, Director of Performance at Urban Golf Performance (UGP). “By May of this year, we’ll be at about 45 between 3 locations with another on the way.”

With an abundance of new hires coming on board across various cities, it was crucial that Rooney found a way to streamline the onboarding process to maintain the same high-quality customer service experience at every location that they pride themselves on at their flagship Los Angeles facility.

“Our facility is like golf performance heaven,” Rooney said. “It’s a fun place, and we want people to think about UGP when they think about golf performance, but it’s actually really about the team and the staff,” he added.

Rooney said he trains his team pretty intensely when it comes to client experience and customer service. “That’s what we’re famous for,” he added. “We’re high-quality, high-level golf performance, but we’re also really fun. It’s a great vibe.”

With such high customer expectations to manage, ensuring staff at every location had the same fun, high-quality service was a must.

That’s where Trainual stepped in.

Meet the modern training manual

Trainual empowers businesses to document every process, every policy, and every procedure for every role in a consistent, teachable and organized way—all in one place. In doing so, you’ll stop repeating the basics to every new hire, essentially automate onboarding and training, ensure quality and consistency across every role or location, and start scaling faster.

A new way of streamlining

Rooney knew how important it was to document processes to make it easier for his employees to get up to speed quickly, but his old way of training his staff wasn’t as thorough or easy to navigate as he had hoped.

Rooney housed all of his training and onboarding processes across various folders within Google Docs.

“Pretty much everything from the scheduling and training program to all the different documents we have was stored in Google Docs,” Rooney said. “An extensive email would go out with different documents that explained exactly what you’re going to do with this document and that document, and it became overwhelming,” he added.

While he said things were kept somewhat organized, the process wasn’t streamlined for him or his staff.

“It was essential for us to look professional to our new staff and to look like we have it more together than the whole Google Drive experience.”

~ Leo Rooney, Director of Performance at Urban Golf Performance (UGP)

Rooney found Trainual and took to the product instantly. He immediately began documenting his onboarding processes and created a 30-day training program for all new hires to complete. Even though he implemented a new hire training program, he also wanted to make sure his current employees were up to date on everything within the company—documenting a comprehensive list of every single position and role.

While he has ambitions to build out general training processes even further, he currently uses a pre-boarding process he built out inside Trainual for new hires to jump into, so they can be up to speed before their first day.

“Having pre-boarding before they even start working for us is beneficial,” Rooney said. “With that pre-boarding, they’re much more aware of all the prerequisites for the job and can get up to speed that much quicker.”

Trainual features that UGP loves

To add to his already robust trainings, and to be as efficient as possible, Rooney started recording videos on everything, including all the different software tools they use at their company and the ways in which they use them, then embedding those videos into Trainual. 

Rooney said the ability to add videos to Trainual was particularly beneficial because as UGP expands to additional states with new employees that will operate fully remote and independent of the original team, it was important to be able to provide the same training experience as his coworkers whether local or miles away.

He also made sure to note the Tests he’s built inside of Trainual and the effectiveness of knowing who completed what training content when, keeping them accountable for understanding everything related to the company and their role. “Having the ability to track progress and send assignments back and forth, that was a game changer for us,” Rooney said.

As we scaled, we realized that consistent training was going to be crucial because you just can’t control what’s happening that far away.

To ensure that each and every one of your current or future business locations will operate consistently, and to build repeatable, scalable training processes, sign up for a free trial and get started with Trainual today.

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