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Modernizing Manuals To Automate And Streamline The Training Process

“Trainual will save you tens of thousands of dollars and exponential time down the road because you won’t have to retrain or rebuild or redo things.”

~ Kirk Wersland, Clinic Director at Integrated Wellness

Documenting systems and processes is nothing new for Kirk Wersland, a chiropractor and serial entrepreneur. It’s how he says he was able to successfully run multiple businesses at once, including Integrated Wellness.

Integrated Wellness is what Kirk calls a “one-stop body shop.” Meaning, a holistic medical clinic that provides patients with chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and much more under one roof.

But despite Kirk having his business documented, he still faced challenges. Keeping his training manual up to date and rallying everyone around new processes included.

Documenting processes the old way

Kirk says he’s been building training manuals for each department since they started the clinic. But they’ve been doing it the old way: type up a word document, print it off, and hand out physical manuals.

And while the manuals kept everyone aligned and accountable, Kirk realized he was wasting a lot of valuable time compiling, printing, and delivering manuals. Plus, his team was wasting even more time skimming through it to find the updated policies.

“I thought there’s got to be a way to automate this. So I don’t have to physically be in front of every new employee training them on the basics and implementation,” he shared.

The new way with Trainual

That’s when Kirk first heard about Trainual – or a way to host his documentation online, easily update and roll out new procedures in seconds. And he thought, “this is brilliant!”

He finally found the modern solution to his hard copy handouts. And he could now move the training online and start streamlining the process. So, Kirk added Trainual to his clinic’s resources and got to work.

Using the content builder, he migrated the information from his paper manuals into Trainual, building out his onboarding process, individual training programs, and standard operating procedures. And he did it without printing off a single piece of paper.

This was the day he was waiting for!

Reducing face time

Before, building and delivering Integrated Wellness’ documented systems and processes was a huge time suck

But now, Kirk can easily assign and deliver training content from anywhere – and Trainual takes care of the rest. His existing staff gets updated with any changes in real-time. And when his team grows, new hires can get up to speed all on their own.

“I hired 3 new employees in 3 different positions. And it’s wonderful that I can just simply add them to the system, assign them to their team, assign their specific manuals, and then say go!”

Plus, Kirk can confidently manage his clinic’s training from a distance. And Trainual will automatically notify him when employees are done, how they scored on tests, and if they have any feedback.

And having taken a step back, Kirk says he finally has more time to focus on what he needs to do – like ensuring quality care for patients.

Helping employees adapt

Kirk says the greatest benefit is how easy it is to update Trainual. He can easily modify any existing content, upload something new, and add a test to make sure employees get it.

Then as he puts it, “voila – the employees who need to know get a notification and the information.” Meaning, everyone is up to date on the new procedures – and can be held accountable for them. And Kirk doesn’t have to waste time repeating himself.

The easy-to-update content builder also eliminates redundancies in his training. Before, he had to duplicate the onboarding process (like the mission, culture, and vision) for every single manual. Now, he can simply assign that section along with the role-specific training to each new employee.

“I’ve got dozens and dozens of staff members that all have very distinct responsibilities, but I’ve been able to build out a handful of subjects in Trainual that apply across the board.”

Engaging the millennial generation

Most of the employees at Integrative Wellness are millennials. So Kirk seeks out ways to meet their needs at work. This includes offering more engaging ways to learn the business.

And he says Trainual is a great way to do that because online content that accommodates a range of learning styles is what they’re used to.

“It’s one thing to sit and read a manual. But it’s another to have an engaging training process. That’s what makes Trainual unbelievable.”

As a result, younger employees are more immersed in their training. And now, Kirk can feel confident that his entire team knows how to do what they do and why they do what they do. That way, it gets done the right way the first time.

Getting his business out of his brain

Thanks to Trainual, Kirk has been freed from printing paper manuals and training new hires in person. He has more time to focus on patient care, and his team is more aligned than ever.

Above all, Kirk says he’s found the solution to all business owners’ deepest wish: having clones of themselves. “As business owners, we understand what we started and what we’ve developed. So we think life would be easier if there were just 15 of us,” he shared.

But Trainual makes cloning yourself and your best practices a reality. With it, business owners can finally “upload their knowledge to a place where team members can access and understand exactly what’s in [the business owner’s] head.”

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