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Making Explosive Growth Sustainable In Real Estate

“Just having that world-class training is really going to set us above and set us apart from a lot of the other real estate teams in the country.”

~ Gary Ashton, Owner & Founder of The Ashton Real Estate Group

The Ashton Real Estate Group quickly earned the right to call themselves RE/MAX’s #1 real estate team in the world.

#1 RE/MAX brokerage in the world

Early in the game, founder Gary Ashton focused on technology-centric solutions. He built an impressive internet presence. And he refined his processes to generate enough leads to keep 50 full-time buyer’s agents happily employed.

Plus, he filled his roster with top talent. Debra Beagle, Managing Broker/Owner and Gary’s right hand, and Donovan Degelau, his Director of Development, included.

But explosive growth came with its own set of challenges.

Training through the growing pains

“As a tech-forward team, our training programs were ahead of the industry. Most of the standard training programs didn’t really work for us and weren’t relevant to what we were doing.”

~ Donovan Degelau, Director of Development at The Ashton Real Estate Group

The industry’s standard training and documentation processes just didn’t meet the needs of the growing organization – and by extension, their customers.

And the group was struggling to keep everyone informed and on the same page. So Gary and his team started looking for a modern solution.

At the time, Gary, Debra, and Donovan were sitting down to personally onboard and train every agent. But as the team grew and processes evolved, this became a heavy lift.

So, the three set out to find a solution that would streamline how they got (and kept) their team up to speed. They needed something that could take themselves out of the training process without worrying whether people were up to speed.

More of a mess than a solution

Like most companies, The Ashton Real Estate Group turned to Google Docs first. It was free. And it allowed the group to get their business out of their brain.

But Google Docs wasn’t a scalable solution. The system was frustrating at best, and total chaos at worst. Especially as the group’s processes continued to evolve.

“I kept getting asked the same questions over and over again. So I decided to put everything into a Google Doc,” explained Gary. “But I eventually realized that the Google Docs were all over the place, and it was just a disaster.”

Plus, when it came time to share content, there was no way to track who had looked at it, when, or if they understood. So the money the group was saving upfront, they were reinvesting ten-fold long term.

The Ashton Real Estate Group quickly outgrew Google Docs. And they started looking for a documentation tool that had all the power of Google Docs. But could also deliver consistent, world-class training.

The best way to train agents

That’s when The Ashton Real Estate Group found Trainual. Trainual allowed the group to automate how they train new and existing agents.

By assigning content directly within the app, Gary, Debra, and Donovan can now track who knows what. As well as test for understanding. This makes it easy to hold people accountable – without being a big drain on the management team.

“Trainual allows the company to take us three out of the equation,” said Donovan. “Because we can’t be there for 140 agents every time there’s a question.”

Plus, Trainual keeps all the company’s knowledge in one, searchable app that can be accessed from anywhere. So when processes evolve, the team can update the content in seconds and roll it out in real-time.

“I love how Trainual compliments our in-person agent and employee training and keeps all the company’s knowledge in one, searchable app that can be accessed from anywhere. When our processes evolve, we can update the content in seconds and roll it out in real-time. Also that we can test the content is a plus.”

~ Debra Beagle, Managing Broker/Owner at The Ashton Real Estate Group

Already, Trainual has helped The Ashton Real Estate Group take back control of their explosive growth, without hitting the breaks.

“Trainual is really integral to helping us stay number one,” Gary said.

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