Top 5 Reasons Customers Broke Up with Trainual in 2019

Lo Kidd

March 20, 2020

We get it – when a customer breaks up with your business, it can be hard to admit that you might be the reason! 

But just like any other unexpected breakup, businesses have two options in how they can respond. They can move on as if nothing happened, or they can ask how they could have been better. (But then they actually have to do something about it!)

At Trainual, we do the second.

Don’t get us wrong – it seriously sucks, asking how we fell short! But, as far as improving our product, we find that we grow more out of the feedback from our failed relationships than the 95% that continue to go really well! In fact, many of our best solutions came after one of these breakups. 

So, in the spirit of self-improvement, we have decided to admit the top 5 reasons customers broke up with us in 2019 and what we’re doing about them in 2020: 

5. “I didn’t have the time to get started.”

We know, documenting your SOPs is never the first thing on your to-do list. And it’s easy to bump in priority. That’s why we’ve built tons of quick-start templates, upped our customer success efforts, and added implementation packages to streamline getting started in Trainual.Trainual doesn't want to waste your time!

The last thing we want is for our product to stand in the way of business as usual. After all, we are here to make scaling a business easier. So, we have decided to dedicate more of our time and resources, so our users do not have to!

We’ve already introduced dozens of in-app templates to speed up the setup and help get people going instantly. We know it can feel overwhelming to see how much of your business you need to document. But with the press of a button, an entire pre-built subject (ranging from core values to branding to your WFH policy) can be added to your account and customized to your business. 

But we want to make getting help even easier! So this year, we introduced on-demand support for premium users with in-app chat and concierge support lines that can be added to any account. This add-on will provide users a dedicated phone line and easy access to our in-house services team.

We also created a cohort of Trainual Certified Consultants to help users map, document, and implement processes more efficiently. And will be introducing a new implementation package to streamline how Trainual users migrate pre-existing content into their playbook. (You can thank Bradford, our new Implementation Experience Manager, for all that!)

4. “It costs too much.”

Businesses that use Trainual see a much higher return on their investment than those that opt for cheaper alternatives. 

Sure, there are plenty of free alternatives for documenting processes in your business—Google Docs, Evernote, Microsoft Word. But frankly, as you grow these tools are not as powerful and end up costing you way more per new hire. 

Trainual is not a tool for people who just want to document. Our users want to organize, train, track, and test.

With other systems, you might create sets of folders to organize your content. With Trainual, you tag each individual policy or process with a role or department in your company, so you can instantly see who needs to know what. In Trainual, you have step-by-step training manuals and an improved onboarding experience, plus the full transparency to know which people have signed off on which policies and processes, and even the ability to create simple tests to check knowledge.

Businesses that use Trainual save on average 100 hours and $3k per new hire. And these savings increase exponentially the faster your business is scaling. Seriously, the numbers speak for themselves! What is time saved worth to you?

But we also understand that if you’re not actively hiring and training, it can take longer to realize your return. So, to make Trainual a tool that can grow with your business, we have added more plan tiers, increasing at increments of 25 users as you scale (instead of jumping from 25 to 100 and beyond).

We also never want cost to be an obstacle to positive change! For this reason, we are proud to announce that we offer Trainual access to non-profits at 50% off, and to enrolled students for free

3. “Trainual doesn’t have all the features I want.”

On top of introducing new features and updates every two weeks, we’re always asking our customers for feedback on what they’re looking for and what would make an impact on their business. 

For as cutting edge as our product is, it’s still young (2 years old to be exact) and still only a fraction of its potential. But it’s also constantly evolving and improving!

Every two weeks, our incredible product team releases new updates and features to ensure we continue to equip businesses with the best product possible. (And we even ask our users publicly what features they want the app to have here, so we know we’re prioritizing the most important ones.)

Some of our most recent updates include new user permissions, a new Trainual mobile app, the ability to recover deleted steps, tons of new templates, and the power to brand your training (just to name a few). 

But you can stay on top of our biggest new updates and features using our changelog

2. “I’m going to use another product.”

Trainual is the world’s leading playbook software – for onboarding, training, and knowledge management. Trusted by thousands of companies in 100+ countries. 

We always hate to see things end this way, but I’m actually just going to let the customer reviews speak for themselves on this one…

Trainual ranks #1
source: G2
Trainual customer ratings
source: Capterra

1. “I’ll be back!”

Yes! You read that right.

Consistently, the number one reason customers leave is not because of us! It is because they need to focus on their business before they can document it. 

These kinds of talks usually happen within the first month of them signing up. Why? Because they are not quite ready to build their playbook, but they checked out Trainual and love it. 

We know, this sounds like we fell for the whole “it’s not you, it’s me” cliche. It's not Trainual

But within just the first few months of these customers leaving, we see almost 20% of them come back to Trainual! And when they do, we want our product to be so much better that they wonder why they ever left in the first place.

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