What’s Happening With Trainual In 2021?

Taylor Sells, Trainual's Head of Product

Taylor Sell

February 25, 2021

Every day, the Trainual team has one goal: make running your small business easier. And last year, that led to dozens of breakthrough features inside your go-to training tool (Quick Embeds, Dark Mode, and a total redesign included). 

But none of them could have come to life without you! That’s because everything our product team makes is requested and tested by the small business leaders (like you) who need them. 

So, as far as we’re concerned, you’re part of our team. And we’d love to give you a sneak peek at what we’re building together in 2021!

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Turn documentation into a team sport

Earlier this year, we launched Subject Owners. And so far, it’s an absolute hit – if we do say so ourselves. 

With it, you can delegate documentation to the people who actually do it on your team (AKA the experts). So, your Trainual content actually gets built. And you don’t need to put in all the work yourself!

I love the added accountability for creators! [Subject Owners will] be great as I continue to build out my training content.

~ Diana Vazquez, Wireless Watchdogs

Organization that reflects your organization

Your organization is more complicated than just how you do what you do. There’s also the layer of who does what, meaning which person owns what process, policy, and procedure. Plus, the layer of how it all comes together. 

And your business playbook should reflect all that!

So, starting this year, we’re rethinking how you organize your training content. That way, your training simplifies how you operate. So, anyone – even your newest team member – understands how your small business runs. 

Plus, we’re clarifying who is responsible for doing each process, policy, and procedure. So, everyone knows what they’re responsible for. Employees understand how their work contributes to the business. And nothing falls through the cracks!

We’re adding more franchises and growing every year. And we want to grow with [Trainual] after seeing this.

~ Thomas Hogan, Zoom Drain

Take the overwhelm out of onboarding

There’s a lot to cover during onboarding. Your founding story, what your business does, and how exactly it does those things included. So, it’s often easiest (not to mention time-effective) to assign your new hires all their training content at once. That way, they can go through it at their own speed. 

But, admittedly, this strategy isn’t super effective. And it ends up taking a lot longer overall. Because that much content makes an already nerve-wracking experience totally overwhelming. And it leaves your new hires unsure where or how to start. 

So, we’re adding a way to communicate priorities within Trainual. Meaning, your team will know what training content they need to go through and in what order – before it feels overwhelming.

Only train on what you need to know

If you’re like most companies, your Subjects are built for a team, department, or job title. But generally speaking, not everyone in those categories needs to know everything the Subject covers.

So, as of right now, you have 2 options. Build multiple versions of the same Subject, so people only train on what they need to know. (Admittedly, this gets hard to manage really fast.) 

Or, assign out one version of the Subject to everyone. Even though some people only need to know a few of the processes covered. Either way, this means a lot of wasted time that you don’t have!

So, we’re making it easy to assign content at the Topic level. That way, you only build one version of every Subject. And people only train on the process, policies, and procedures they actually need to know.

Put the “people” in people-driven processes

One of the easiest ways to build a better culture is to make sure everyone knows each other. But in a remote-first world, this is easier said than done (and that goes double if your team is growing).  

So, rather than waiting for the day when everyone can meet and greet in the office, we’re moving those introductions to Trainual with a team directory. 

That way, everyone can put names to faces and learn a bit about each other. And your team feels like they’re part of something – rather than just another number on a roster.

I’m loving this… We have people coming into new departments and we miss them. [We] don’t know much about [our] new team members.

~ Aiden Catovic, AgentLocator

Simplify your business with seamless integrations

Like I said earlier, we’re always looking to make running your small business easier. No matter what it takes. 

So, on top of tons of new features, we’re partnering with the other companies your business relies on. That way, every aspect of your business (hiring, collaboration, and training included) works seamlessly together. 

We entered the year with a handful of integrations already under our belt. But now, we’re doubling down on integrations. Because the more companies Trainual plays nice with, the easier your business becomes. 

To look through all the integrations already available, just go to “integrations” under your Trainual account settings.

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