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Marlowe Everett

April 28, 2021

We’ve earned a reputation for our values-based, mission-driven company culture. But our culture didn’t just happen! In fact, we invested (and continue to invest) a ton behind the scenes to make it what it is. 

And if we’re being totally honest, our culture really starts taking shape at our (admittedly) pretty detailed interview process. (Our Head of People even jokes that it’s harder to get a job at Trainual than to get into Harvard.)

Because we take the time to ensure everyone we hire is right for the role. That way, there’s no doubt that our newest hire will help us grow faster, improve our product, and reinforce our company culture. 

So, if you’re looking to join the squad (or you’re a business leader looking for some hiring process inspiration), here’s everything you need to know about interviewing at Trainual:

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Full transparency from start to finish

We don’t want there to be any room for guessing. So, if you’ve applied to Trainual, we’ll let you know what the interview process looks like from the get-go. This includes how many interviews there will be and how long each one will take. 

We even have the process outlined on our candidates page – which we’ll send your way as soon as you apply. That way, you know what to expect up front. And you can track where you are in the process.

A (super) detailed interview process

Our interview process consists of 6 key steps. 

Don’t get us wrong – it would be a lot easier to host one interview per candidate and choose someone. But we’d rather put in the work to add only the best of the best to our team. Even if that means spending a little more time interviewing. 

So, here’s what our interview process looks like, every step of the way:

The interview process at Trainual

1. Pops phone screen

The Pops screening is our chance to really get to know you (and for you to get to know us)! And it’s super casual. 

You’ll hop on a 30 to 60-minute Zoom call with one of our People Ops Generalists (like me). We’ll chat through your story and your ideal role at Trainual.

That way, we can check that we’re aligned (what we’re hiring for and what you’re looking for). Plus, we’ll start to get a sense of how your skills pertain to the open role.

2. Dive into Trainual

Yes, you’ll actually use Trainual while you’re interviewing. Partly because we’re a bit obsessed with our product. And we want you to be just as obsessed as we are. And partly because it really is the best way to set expectations and make sure you have what you need. 

So, we’ll assign you our candidate-specific training subject, outlining our product and culture. That way, you can see what all the hype is about first-hand. (It also has a quick project at the end – just as a heads up.)

3. Hiring manager interview(s)

Hop on a few 30 to 60-minute Zooms with all our Hiring Managers. And get into the nitty-gritty of the role. This includes what the day-to-day functions look like and how you’d work with your direct leader. 

At this point, we’re taking a deep dive into your skills and experience. And making sure that you’re as jazzed about the role! Plus, this is a great opportunity for you to ask all your burning Trainual questions.

You have questions, we have answers

4. Project

For us, there’s nothing more important than hiring candidates that can deliver best-in-class work. And while we love hearing about how amazing you are – we also want to see you in action. 

So, every candidate completes a project that reflects the role they applied for. This project checks that you can walk the walk, are confident in the role and have pride in your work. 

Plus, this is your chance to try on the role for size (before you commit).

5. Meet the team

Chances are good you want to meet the team you’d be working with. And a majority of our projects have a presentation component. So, to save time, we combine them! 

You’ll present your project to the team. And once you’re done, you’ll get to know your future team in a casual virtual meet and greet. 

This way, we can make sure you really click with our values and culture. And you can make sure that this is a team you can see yourself working with.

6. References

For us, reference checks aren’t just a formality. We really want to understand how you work best and what you need. 

So, before we officially extend an offer, we like to chat with a handful of your recent leaders, peers, or direct reports. That way, we get all the details on why you’re so amazing. Plus, insights into how we can best support you here at Trainual.

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What we’re looking for

Throughout the interview process, we’re looking to make sure each hire: 

  • Aligns with our company values (of course)
  • Is a great fit for the role (both skill and experience-wise)
  • Brings a new mindset to help us continue growing

But if you just applied to Trainual, you probably just want to know how you can show up ready. (Hint: That’s one of our core values!) And that starts with understanding what we’re looking for, including that the candidate:

Knows the company

We’re really proud of what we’re building (the company, our culture, our product, all of it). And while we want you to love the position you applied for, we also want you to love the idea of doing it at Trainual. 

So, we have a ton of information out there about what sets Trainual apart. Our website, hundreds of blogs, customer success stories, YouTube videos, podcasts, G2 reviews, Glassdoor mentions – you name it! And we strongly encourage candidates to do their research before their first interview.

Matches their resume

Our team is great at looking at the person behind the resume. But with that being said, your resume and LinkedIn represent you. So, they need to match what you’re saying. 

For all your strengths (especially those you’ll need for this role), highlight them on paper! Don’t just wait to talk about them with us. That way, we can see the alignment from the start and go from there. And you can really show us why you’re the best.

Is concise and specific

There’s a lot to cover in all your interviews. Plus, we want to get to know each other. And we only have so much time to do it all. 

In other words, be concise!

So, come prepared with specific career examples of your success, experience, and skills. That way, you can keep your answers pointed and without any fluff! (We’ll let you know now – we don’t like fluff.)

Shows their passion

Unlike most fast-growing tech companies, we embrace all levels of experience. And we offer everything from exciting junior roles to challenging upper management. 

So, if your resume is light on work experience, get creative. Meaning, add what you think aligns with the role and anything you’re super passionate about, like college classes and extracurriculars. We’d love to learn what makes you tick!

Shares their authentic self

We’re big advocates of bringing your full, most authentic self to work every day. So, yeah – the fun, casual, transparent vibes you’re getting? Those are genuine. 

So, right before your interviews, take a deep breath. And don’t be afraid to laugh, joke, and have fun. Because we’ll be having a great time in your interview – and we’d love if you joined in the fun!

But what’s this experience really like?

By now, you’re probably thinking, that’s a lot. Do people actually go through all that? And you’re right – it is. And yes, they do! 

Everyone on our team has gone through every step of our detailed interview process. And our team members all come out on the other side loving it. 

But don’t take my word. Here’s what some of our newest team members have to say about their interview experience:

AKA that our interview process is simple, phenomenal, and empowering (our team’s words, not mine). 

Okay – now you’re ready to interview at Trainual. Good luck!

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