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Turbulence as Strength

So far, 2020 can be summed up in one word: uncertainty.

We’re all feeling it around what's happening in the SaaS market right now.

Customer behavior has changed so rapidly it's impossible to know what's next. On top of that we don’t have a timeline on when this will end or how long the effects will last.

So, how do you make decisions?

As an operator, this makes it tough, because there isn't a ton of data out there to guide our decision making. But we have seen some early signs of what’s working.

SaaS experts from Trainual, Wootric, Trufan, and ProfitWell will run through what you need to know, including:

  • Updated industry data and benchmarks from 17k companies
  • Growth advice based on what they're seeing in the market
  • Tactical tips to protect your revenue and come out of this uncertainty with the most customers