Trainual Best Practices Webinar, with Chris Ronzio

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First 30 Minutes: Recently Added Feature Overview

  1. User Updates
    • Bulk user upload / add now, invite later
    • Gusto integration + free gusto for 3 weeks (dedicate a little extra time to this one, share story about how we’ve used Gusto for years to help with new hire paperwork, benefits, payroll, etc.)
    • Bulk assign roles to users
  2. Advanced Subject Settings
    • Force order of Topics and Tests
    • Available in library
    • Require completion
    • Expiring Completion
  3. Specify Default Subject Page View
    • Card view or subject outline view
  4. Tests
    • Adding images and videos to test questions
    • Have test submissions email to you
  5. Printing
    • Print topic
    • PDFs emailed to you
  6. Recovering Deleted Content
    • Filtering the dashboard by activity type/recover content that was deleted within 30 days
  7. Beta feature:
    • Written response test questions
    • Coming soon: Editor permission
    • New: Chrome plugin
  8. New: Canny product roadmap

Next 15 Minutes: Best Practices

  • Discuss internal Trainual project and our process for diving roles and responsibilities within Trainual

Last 15 Minutes: Live Q+A