The 4 Pillars Of A Location Independent, Family-Driven Entrepreneur


April 25, 2018

We are deep into our Belize trip, and I can’t believe we have less than two weeks left before our unceremonious return to the Arizona desert.

Earlier in the month, my daughter Reese celebrated her fifth birthday. As I reflected on her life thus far, I noticed a massive increase in my ability to be present as a father. Five years ago, when she was born, you could qualify me as “barely present,” consumed with personal and professional turmoil. Today I have graduated to “highly present,” and our 6-week family adventure is reflective of my evolution.

My increase of presence (and subsequently increase in quality of life) would not be possible without the growth and success of my businesses. From early on I had a vision for location independence which sat at the forefront of much of my decision making. Even today, while Design Pickle supports very traditional business anchors like an office, employees, and payroll, everything we do inside the company can be executed remotely and by others.

Simply put:

“Nothing is dependent on one person or one point of weakness.”

Today I wanted to share the pillars of my location independence.

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