Meet Carson Holmquist, CEO and Founder of Stream Logistics


Can you tell our readers what Stream Logistics does?

We help manufactures coordinate their full truckload transportation, offering service for all trailer types including flatbed, stepdeck, van, intermodal, and specialty trailers. Our goal was to build a boutique logistics company able to deliver incredible customer service at a level which was previously unavailable.

So to service that market at that higher level, it sounds like you need customer service reps really well-trained on a niche knowledge-base. Where did you used to document all that core business info for your team to read and reference?

We used Google Drive and tribal knowledge for all of that before Trainual.

Why did you decide to try Trainual?

As a high-growth company, I knew we needed to be more structured and strategic with our training going forward.

“Documenting our experience, standards, and processes in Trainual just made sense.”

What is the main problem that Trainual has been able to solve for you?

Before Trainual, our training process was time consuming and the results were erratic since we primarily used on-the-job shadowing for training.

And what has that process been like since you’ve started using Trainual?

“New hires are now fully trained and able to add value in 7 business days, compared to 15-20 days prior to Trainual.”

Because our systems and processes are thoroughly documented in Trainual, new hires receive more thorough training in a shorter time period.

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