Meet Jake Jorgovan, Founder of Lead Cookie


Hey Jake, let’s start off by just telling people what Lead Cookie does!

For sure. Lead Cookie helps B2B companies generate leads via done-for-you Linkedin prospecting.

How big is your team right now?

We have 15 employees.

So, prior to using Trainual, where were you documenting your business policies, procedures, roles, responsibilities, etc.?

We were using Google Docs and Trello boards which often were not used and they got super muddy and messy. We were also doing a lot of our training one-to-one over live video calls.

And what drew you to trying Trainual?

We wanted something simple where we could basically set up an online course for our new hires to go through so that they could get up to speed quickly on their position.

“The big value we were looking for was something organized, professional, trackable, and scaleable. Trainual hit all of this for us!”

Where has Trainual made the biggest difference for you and Lead Cookie?

We no longer need to train our employees through one-to-one training. We can just send them through the course and they get 90% of the training there, and then we do the last 10% with one-to-one training.

What’s your favorite part about using Trainual so far?

It was so intuitive, simple and easy to setup. We had this up and running in no time!

What are three other helpful tools you would recommend to fellow entrepreneurs/business owners?

Invoiced – We love this tool for our payments. It has a really versatile recurring payment feature that makes billing for an MRR service easy.

PersistIQ – We love this tool for cold email campaigns.

GetProspect – A great tool for email searching and enrichment.

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