Meet Design Pickle’s Customer Success Manager, Alex Guevara


Can you tell us a little bit about what you do at Design Pickle?

We provide flat-rate unlimited graphic design to anyone who needs high quality, affordable design.

Unlimited design? You must have a pretty big team.

We have roughly 200 employees across the United States and the Philippines, and are constantly hiring as we grow!

How was managing onboarding and training for your growing team before Trainual?

“BEFORE Trainual? There is no before Trainual!”

It was year ZERO. Actually, we Frankensteined bits and pieces of training material we were able to scavenge. It was not very well organized and it was hard to track progress. It was often a series of emails with various links and attachments. It worked, but barely. We’re in so much better shape now.

In what way? How has Trainual helped your business?

Trainual has allowed me to more effectively deliver vital information to our new employees, ensuring that our mission, vision, values, and SOP’s are not only learned but internalized. Trainual is also extremely easy to use! You don’t need to spend much time in order to master the platform. It’s truly been a lifesaver!

What are the best and worst parts of your job?

I love being able to talk to our clients whose lives and businesses we’ve been able to help transform when they are able to spend more time and energy on their business and less time in the weeds worrying about graphic design.

The worst would have to be saying goodbye to awesome clients who have been able to grow their businesses with our help and have hired their own in-house designer.

We call it a happy cancellation because we genuinely are psyched for them and proud to have played a part in their success, but losing a client is never awesome.

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