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How Company Nurse Transformed The Way They Nurture Their Team

Meet Jacqueline Binsfeld, Marketing Manager for Company Nurse, LLC

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First, an intro to Company Nurse!

Some companies say they do nurse triage for work injuries. Other companies add it onto their other services for “free.” But only one company has focused on delivering real nurse triage for workers’ compensation since 1997. That’s Company Nurse. The name that started it all and continues to perfect the process, taking care of employees, helping workplaces be more productive and making businesses more profitable.

How many employees does Company Nurse have?

72 now!

Where were you documenting your business policies, procedures, roles, responsibilities, etc. before you got started with Trainual?

Before Trainual, we would only send trainings, procedures, and policies out by email. And business policies and/or job roles were in our physical employee handbook. We have grown tremendously in the last two years as a company and we also started to use Trainual a little over one year ago.

Trainual now holds procedures for the job, training documents, and special circumstances for different types of calls. We have a few projects that we will be working on in the next couple months with data entry and with the new import features in Trainual, we can upload more trainings.

Why did you decide to try Trainual?

There are many reasons why we were drawn to Trainual. One is, of course, all training documents can be in one place and this process can be easier for the staff. This site also has options for tests or quizzes and we can run specific reports to monitor completion of the trainings and tracking so we know in management who needs work or help on specific training topics.

Is there one standout problem Trainual has helped you solve?

We have not been using Trainual for too long but in that time we have been able to utilize the import tools for trainings. We still have much more to do in Trainual and we are very excited!

What’s your favorite part about using Trainual so far?

The simple tracking and that all training materials can be in all one place.

What are three other helpful tools you would recommend to fellow entrepreneurs/business owners?

For training purposes, we recommend: Google Drive / MonoSnap & Trainual (for detailed Training documents) / Microsoft Teams / Skillsoft.

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Questions about Trainual?

If you would like to set up a call, live demo for your team, or have questions about our plans, send us a message! We try to answer all inquiries within 24 hours on business days.

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