iScribe sees Trainual as an integral system for their scribe training
iScribe uses Trainual for remote onboarding

Supporting Remote Teams With Self-Guided Training

“Trainual freed us from having someone who specifically trains and onboards our employees. Now, [remote employees] do it on their own.”

~ Ashlyn Gillespie, VP of Virtual Scribes Services at iScribe Health

iScribe Health offers an easy-to-use app that allows physicians to transcribe their notes without being tethered to a computer. That way, physicians can focus on their patients without creating more documentation burden later. 

Part of their scribe services includes virtual scribes who document important information from doctor-recorded appointments. “The scribes take the audio from a patient-doctor visit and create the document from that,” explained Ashlyn Gillespie, VP of Virtual Scribes Services at iScribe Health. 

Ashlyn oversees virtual scribe service operations. Her goal is to ensure virtual scribes (AKA the people who document the recorded conversation between the patient and doctor) are onboarded fully. Meaning, they know what information to put on the patient’s chart, based on the appointment recordings.

When Ashlyn joined iScribe in July, they were already working on self-guided training with Trainual. But because her predecessor didn’t have much experience with virtual training, the content didn’t support how remote employees train and work. 

It would be up to Ashlyn to improve the documentation on Trainual and make it relevant to the digital scribes. But she wasn’t 100% sure yet if it was the best tool for the job.

Training a completely remote team 

According to Ashlyn, most telescribe companies use in-person training. For example, they’ll usually mix shadowing, screen-shares, and virtual modules to get their scribes up to speed. But none of those methods worked for the team at iScribe. 

“Our entire scribe team is virtual, so their training has to be 100% remote,” Ashlyn told us.  

But they also needed to consider the different types of employees they have working as scribes. Most of them are full-time employees. But some are contracted out. 

Meaning, the training content within Trainual had to speak to both parties. If it didn’t mention the contractors’ experience, it might confuse some people – and subsequently, lose them on the project.

“We needed [Trainual] to provide self-guided training that explained the company’s history, company policies, and the actual scribe training.”

Onboarding at a high volume 

In addition to remote training, iScribe needed Trainual to meet the demands of high-volume onboarding. Ashlyn says they typically bring on around 25 new scribes per quarter. 

So without a self-guided system, managers were forced to sit-in or check-in on the training. And that took up a lot of time. 

“With Trainual, we could free managers from having to focus too closely during that first week of training,” Ashlyn said.  

When she realized this, she was sold on the system and ready to implement Trainual right from the get-go. She wanted to use the tool to scale their onboarding and entirely remove managers from the equation. So, she got to work and started revamping the content.

Self-guided training with Trainual

Ashlyn says her first experience in Trainual was surprisingly simple. “It was easy to update, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy Trainual was to use.” 

Without asking for anyone’s help, she added the organization’s history, updated company policies, and revamped the scribe training. No need to start from scratch. And before long, she was ready to test it out. 

“We started using Trainual for the first week of scribe training,” Ashlyn explained. “And because it was self-guided, we were able to get a lot of employees onboarded without pulling on managers.”

Before, managers had to regularly touch base with new employees throughout the onboarding process. But now, managers check-in once to inform new scribes about Trainual. Then, they give trainees a deadline to finish it – and get back to their own work.

Freeing up managers’ time

Within weeks of launching the new content in Trainual, Ashlyn started seeing great results. And to this day, the most positive impact is on her management team. 

Because managers are no longer bogged down by the details of onboarding, they can focus on what matters most. And for the iScribe team, that’s their client-facing solution.

“Trainual has freed up our managers during that first week of employee onboarding. So they can now continue to support their clients with minimal interruption.”

Before Trainual, the company relied on an in-house trainer – in addition to managers – to oversee onboarding. But now, they no longer need the position since scribes can walk themselves through the training.

So iScribe has since reallocated these resources toward supporting their clients. Managers are happy to have their time back. And clients are happy to have the managers’ full attention. 

Training that scales with the business

For Ashlyn, the best part about Trainual is that the training scales alongside the business. 

“Trainual will be a living document for us. One that we’ll continue to update because it scales as your business scales.”

Meaning, when iScribe Health expands the services they offer, she can easily update the content, add more users, and Trainual takes care of the rest. 

The tool automatically notifies everyone on their team to review their assigned content. That way, Ashlyn doesn’t waste time retraining all the scribes. And everyone is always up to speed. 

Plus, she can even use her admin portal to check who has gone through the updated training – and who’s falling behind. That way, she can get ahead of anyone who might not be aligned. 

As for the future, Ashlyn sees Trainual as an integral system for their scribe training. And she looks forward to continuing to support her scribes (and their managers) with the self-guided tool.

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