Transforming Old School Training And Managing For Explosive Growth

Since their founding, Redirect Health has been on a mission to revolutionize our broken healthcare system and cut costs for its members. If that seems like a Herculean task, managing the explosive growth that has come with the company’s ongoing success has proven to be the real challenge.

Like many rapidly scaling companies, they initially struggled to get their processes and employee training and onboarding systems to keep pace with company growth and productivity.

We were losing traction on the policies and processes that got us here today.

~ Guy Berry, COO of Redirect Health

Pushing paper: the binder problem

Imagine bringing a high speed train to a screeching halt, and asking everyone to get off in order to look for a suitcase filled with critical information that someone knows they packed and stored somewhere on the train at some point, but no one seems to know where or how to find the suitcase when they need it.

That’s the situation Redirect Health’s management team found itself in when they began to scale their membership and bring on new employees to keep up with new growth. 

Like many companies, Redirect Health initially relied on bound and printed copies of their SOPs and training materials. Some main pain points of filing key documentation away in binders on a shelf include:

  • As the company scales and moves to a new location and experiences employee turnover, binders inevitably get left behind or lost in transit
  • Lack of a centralized filing and tracking system where key information is accessible and available to everyone when they need it
  • Inefficiencies and redundancy in the training and onboarding process
  • Lost time and resources looking for and replacing paper files and SOPs

Now operating in all 50 states and scaling from just five employees and approximately 100-150 members in 2012 to over 100 employees and 10,000 members in 2019, the company needed a modern and reliable system to keep the knowledge and processes responsible for their success from falling through the cracks.

Trainual offered a solution that would take an old process and put it into today’s time and technology and make sure that we had a business that was truly scalable.

The never-ending training loop

Another major pain point for Redirect Health was in their training and onboarding process. On the management side, there was no way to quantify and track the level of training that each new hire had received, whether the information had been retained, and whether everything had been covered.

Without a streamlined and trackable system for filing and storing the company’s processes and information, training relied on a system akin to professional word of mouth, where every manager and project lead was essentially responsible for passing along critical information to every new hire as they went along. 

On the staff side, some employees admitted to feeling underprepared and unclear on their roles and responsibilities before essentially being thrown into the deep end of the pool. When you factor in the reality that everyone learns and retains information differently and at a different pace, the system was unsustainable for scaling and preserving company culture, goals, policies, and values. 

Getting everyone on the same page

“Trainual creates a centralized place where you can find and access anything.”

Since implementing Trainual, over 200 of Redirect Health’s employees are leveraging the dashboard and tracking tools for operations, training and onboarding. All the company SOPs and training documents, videos, and testing materials are available in a centralized repository, so the training is uniform and critical processes and procedures are no longer in danger of falling through the cracks – or getting lost in a binder.

The feedback from team members has been universally positive, and new hires report feeling more confident and better prepared to perform their job from day one.

How Redirect Health utilized Trainual

Gone paperless

Management initiated a company-wide effort to track down relevant forms, documents, and SOPs and move them onto Trainual to create a central access point

Gain insight into processes to streamline and design better onboarding and training processes

By creating an inventory of every SOP and process document and form, the company was also able to gain important insight into the processes themselves, which allowed them to make important updates and changes to the training and onboarding process as needed

Make documents searchable

What good is a document or SOP if no one can find it? The ability to search and locate their documents in real time addressed one of their biggest pain points

Create testing materials

Moving training materials and the onboarding process from binders to Trainual has allowed the company to create a quantifiable system that can track every new hire’s participation and progress through the program

Put it in writing

The business plan on the back of the napkin may make for a great origin story, but when it comes down to execution, processes need to be documented in order to be implemented successfully. Redirect Health uses Trainual to document the processes and policies for all of the business groups under its umbrella.

Scaling past the plateaus

When the company found itself in the enviable position of doubling its membership base year over year, they realized that the current system wasn’t going to sustain the current rate of growth and allow them to reach significant scale beyond a defined point.

Trainual offered the tools they needed to refine the processes that had carried the company to their current success, with the capabilities to handle ongoing growth.

I believe the Trainual tool can help any organization. We might be healthcare, but we are also customer service, we’re also a start-up and entrepreneur/owner based and as a tool, it has helped us to scale and grow in all areas.

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