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Securing Top Talent While Out-Scaling The Competition

Turnover in the real estate industry is extremely high.

~ Keith Pike, Owner of the Arkansas RE/MAX Elite branch

The US real estate market is growing quickly – especially in the Arkansas region. And as a result, Keith Pike, Owner of the Arkansas RE/MAX Elite branch, is constantly training new agents. But with people constantly onboarding (and occasionally offboarding), RE/MAX Elite needed a better way to document processes and ensure consistent training for its agents.

Enter Trainual: the modern training manual

Trainual empowers businesses to document every process, every role, every responsibility in a consistent, teachable, and organized way – all in one place. With automated onboarding and training, you’ll stop repeating yourself, and start scaling faster.

Scaling up made easy

Growth at RE/MAX Elite in Arkansas has exploded, growing to 115 agents in just the 4 years since the office has been up and running. Because of the seasonality that comes with the real estate business, Keith wanted to be able to track that every new agent received the same information. That way, it was delivered the same way, every time.

“We don’t just occasionally have people join our brokerage,” Keith explained. “It’s a pretty constant flow of agents that are joining.”

Knowing his current method for onboarding and training new agents wasn’t working, Keith sought out Trainual as the solution.

“The way I was doing onboarding started feeling overwhelming,” he said. “Before Trainual, we used a series of pre-written emails to onboard new agents. But we’d never know if our agents received them, opened them, or understood them. And outside of the emails, there was still more to know. But the information was scattered.”

To make up for what emails couldn’t deliver, Keith paid consultants to come in for organized group trainings once or twice a month. All in, training time for each new hire could eat up about 10 hours of his own time. Keith knew this wasn’t efficient or sustainable.

Now with Trainual, we can train each new agent as soon as they come on board with the same practices and procedures, consistently delivered.

As an added bonus, Keith explained, they still run and also record the group trainings. But now they embed those videos into Trainual so that the entire team, existing members and new hires, can revisit the content and experience at any time.

“It really extends the life of those investments,” he said.

Making consistent onboarding the differentiator

The real estate business can be tough, with so many agents vying for the attention of home buyers and sellers. So setting yourself apart from the competition is key to success. One of the ways Keith is doing that is through Trainual.

“On recruiting appointments, I actually use Trainual as a differentiator for our brokerage. It’s a value add that attracts new agents when I talk about how easy and streamlined our onboarding experience is,” Keith said. Most of the local brokerages in their area don’t yet having a sophisticated training solution. So Keith told us, “it’s set me apart by giving RE/MAX Elite a value proposition that’s different, and better.”

Trainual has really solved the time commitment of having to repeat the same thing over and over again.

Solving RE/MAX Elite’s onboarding problems

“As a business owner, that’s an important thing for me especially when I have so many agents joining the brokerage throughout the year.”

Keith no longer has to keep track of which agents he trained on what processes, or what he’s said to whom. “Now I know they’re getting this knowledge because we can track it and see if they’re completing tasks,” he said.

I think other brokerages need to consider Trainual if they are serious about growing their brokerage.

Keith Pike is the owner and principal broker at RE/MAX Elite Arkansas. To learn more about Keith and RE/MAX Elite, visit:

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