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Meet Modern Realty Owner, Logan Richetti

Can you describe in detail what your business does? (Who do you serve and what problem do you solve?)

We are a full service residential real estate brokerage in Midland, Michigan specializing in representing buyers, sellers, investors, tenants, and landlords.

What were you using for onboarding, training, and organizing operational knowledge before Trainual?

Prior to working with Trainual, we had no official onboarding system, and our training processes were scattered. The owner (myself) had to train each new agent individually which took weeks on end. Our agents had no official resources to fall back on as reference materials either.

What caused you to seek out a new solution and start using Trainual? (The main frustration in how you did it before)

We had no repeatable processes. As our agent roster grew, it became obvious that reference materials and standard procedures would be required to allow us to scale and maintain the highest level of organizational efficiency and maintain our quality standard.

What effect is Trainual having on your business? (Benefits and/or outcomes)

Trainual has become our first line of defense for any agent questions. Our agents and support staff have learned to go to the subjects, topics, and steps first before asking the brokers a question. They know that most likely the answer is already written down. This has freed up the brokers to lead and focus on big picture priorities rather than constantly answering basic procedural questions.

What made you confident that Trainual would be the right solution for your business?

I knew right away that it was the answer to what I had been looking for. Previously, we had been using documents in Google Drive, but this system is so much for efficient and easy to manage.

What are three other helpful tools you would recommend to fellow entrepreneurs/business owners?

  1. A CRM
  2. Loom for video and screen recording
  3. Dotloop for electronic signatures and document storage

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