Keeping Everyone Aligned And Accountable Without Breaking The Bank

Las Vegas-based catering company, Masterpiece Cuisine, was looking for a way to transition away from keeping operational knowledge in disjointed Word documents and scattered Dropbox folders to an organized and streamlined place with consistent training that’s easy and trackable.

Masterpiece Cuisine is an off-premise catering company specializing in corporate catering, private events, weddings, home parties, and full event management. “Venues and clients without access to onsite catering hire us to bring food, beverage, staffing, and party rentals to them,” Mahan explained.

Being an off-premise caterer means our team is constantly on the go and a lot of us don’t even see each other for long stretches of time.

~ Scott Mahan, Owner & Managing Partner at Masterpiece Cuisine

With more than 30 employees deployed at various events around the Las Vegas and Santa Fe areas, Mahan needed to provide the same consistent training for all employees, no matter where they’re at.

Enter Trainual: the modern training manual

Trainual empowers businesses to document every process, policy, and procedure for every role—all in one place. Keep SOPs consistent, teachable, and organized while automating onboarding and training, and scaling faster.

The makings of a masterpiece

Masterpiece Cuisine knows that creating a masterpiece (in their case the culinary sort), takes time, experience, and discipline. Trainual allows Mahan and the Masterpiece Cuisine team to translate their experience and knowledge to new hires, save time getting everybody up to speed across various locations, and ensure their catering processes are executed with consistency across the board.

Having policies, procedures, and training information available and accessible for everyone is really important.

That’s why he started looking into a solution that would be able to capture every role and responsibility in one centralized place.

Mahan said, unlike other solutions he was looking at, he didn’t feel trapped or forced into it. “The [Trainual] free trial was a big selling point, and so was the no commitment necessary,” he said. “I think anything that is really good typically doesn’t try to trap you, and neither does Trainual.”

What Masterpiece Cuisine ❤️’s about Trainual

“Trainual is having a big impact on our business,” Mahan said. But he said the biggest impact Trainual has had is the ability to host written exams.

“Being able to test employees on our standard operating procedures is genius,” Mahan said. “We’ve set it up so everyone gets re-tested three times a year on the same and any new materials that have been added.”

While Trainual’s features have been influential for Mahan and his team, the benefits extend beyond that. “Not only is it more effective training than we had in the past, but it’s less expensive,” Mahan said.

It’s kind of a no-brainer once you’re using it to continue because it’s so simple and effective.

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