Organizing SOPs and Training Content in One, Centralized Place

Meet Deputy Director for Local First Arizona, Thomas Barr

Can you tell us a little bit about Local First Arizona?

Local First Arizona works to strengthen the local economy by advocating for small businesses and providing resources to Arizona companies.

Where were you documenting your business policies, procedures, roles, responsibilities, etc. before Trainual?

Google Docs all the way.

Why did you decide to try Trainual?

Being an Arizona company, the ease of using the software, our projected growth as an organization and the growing need to have a solid onboarding process for new staff.

What is the main problem that Trainual has been able to solve for you?

It is an easy system to keep important documents, SOP’s and training materials organized for staff.

My favorite part of using is for our onboarding process. Everything can be pre-built and it’s so simple to plug new employees into the curriculum.

What are a few helpful tools you would recommend to fellow entrepreneurs/business owners?

Basecamp, Trainual, and Google Docs.

For more from Thomas and the team at Local First Arizona, visit, and be sure to watch Local First Arizona’s January Webinar “Get Your Business Out Of Your Brain” featuring Trainual.

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