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Meeting Massive Demand With Documented SOPs

“We’ve come from a scrappy startup to a telemedicine leader in less than a year. Having Trainual to [help us] onboard was crucial in getting our business to meet the demand.”

~ Maggie MacMillian, Channel Partner Sales at

Started by two brothers and a small grant, is a telemedicine platform connecting providers to patients – with the click of a link. The platform requires no downloads, so it’s accessible from anywhere. And its base model is free, eliminating any financial barriers to healthcare. 

Maggie MacMillian, a former partnerships manager at, says the telemedicine industry has grown steadily over the last few years. Then, the pandemic happened. “When 2020 hit and COVID-19 cases spiked, our adoption grew astronomically,” she explained.

In February 2020, had around 80k users. Today, they have 700k across 135 countries. The sudden influx has been great for helping more people. But it also presented new challenges for supporting post-pandemic users. First, would need to hire an army of customer support representatives to keep users happy. And second, they’d need a tool for onboarding and training those new reps efficiently and effectively.

Centralizing company knowledge

When Stockton Hiatt, an operations specialist, joined, it was at the onset of massive growth. At the time, there were 10 to 12 employees who were mostly family and friends. And they would share their company’s knowledge via phone calls, emails, or Google Drive. 

“One of the founders recognized that if we wanted to grow, we needed to put that information somewhere more accessible,” Stockton explained. So, he experimented with Trainual and quickly saw how it could solve their training dilemma. 

“We were throwing people at customer service at this point,” Stockton told us. “And we didn’t have time [to explain to every representative] how you do this or how you solve that problem.” 

With Trainual, they could house that knowledge in one centralized place. They could automate training for new reps. And they could send existing reps (with common questions) to the right answers.

“Trainual is crucial in disseminating information, so our people can do their jobs. [Without Trainual], it takes up people’s time who need to solve bigger problems.”

~ Stockton Hiatt, Operations Specialist at

Surviving 2020 with streamlined SOPs

Stockton was in charge of building their Trainual. And he decided to rely on rockstar representatives to document common processes and obstacles. “They’d screen-record themselves solving a common problem,” he shared. “Then, I’d use the video to write up a standard operating process.” 

Using this method, Stockton said it only took him a week to get training content up and running. “Then, we’d assign [that content] out to the reps, and anytime a question arose, we’d send [them] the link to Trainual.” 

Without Trainual, he says it would have been impossible to navigate the new breadth of customer support in 2020. Because “the minute people don’t know processes, all hell breaks loose.” But now, they can multiply best practices and provide a reference point to all employees.

“Trainual helps you multiply the effect of your best employees by documenting what they do and spreading it to everyone else.”

~ Stockton Hiatt

Scalable onboarding has since onboarded 120 employees with Trainual. Most (if not all) customer representatives reference it daily. And they also use the training tool to educate outside vendors on brand standards and voice. 

According to Maggie, Trainual has been crucial for scaling the business. Because it’s helped them onboard a flood of employees in a short amount of time. 

“We grew from 12 employees to over a hundred in a matter of months. Trainual was key in getting everyone onboarded, so we could scale and take on that spike, which was crucial to our business.”

~ Maggie MacMillian

Now, can onboard any influx of employees. And they can do it automatically while ensuring everything (and everyone) else is running smoothly.

Training for a remote world

Now that Stockton has documented all the key processes, he’s delegated managing this content to a new role. Kendall Felder, Junior Operations Assistant at, joined last fall and focuses primarily on updating Trainual. 

Since stepping into this role, Kendall says it’s been unlike any other training he’s implemented or managed before. 

“With everyone working from home, Trainual is for the world we live in today. Because you don’t have to train it [in person], and your team can take the training with them.”

~ Kendall Felder, Junior Operations Assistant at

Kendall says he’s currently adding an extra layer to each process in Trainual: The why. He’s also started documenting other departments, including sales. But his major goal is to demonstrate how everyone works together toward the same goal. 

“What you’re doing impacts what everybody else is doing, so you need to be cognizant of [that cycle],” Kendall explained. “Otherwise, you can’t fully understand what you need to accomplish.” With Trainual, Kendall plans to make how each role rolls up to company goals super clear.

No signs of slowing down

As for the future, is ecstatic for more explosive growth. The company is currently dipping toes in several new markets, and the platform just went live in Canada! 

Whatever comes their way, knows they’ll be ready for it, thanks to Trainual. “We’re fortunate to be part of this community of like-minded people who want to deliver some good in the world,” Maggie said. “And Trainual helps us achieve our mission.”

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