Making The Most Of The Upcoming Season With Streamlined Training

Meet the Dorm Room Movers’ Customer Experience Manager – Tonya Kinney

Can you tell us a little bit about Dorm Room Movers?

We handle moving, storage & shipping for college students nationwide, so they can stop worrying about where all their stuff is going each year, and focus more on what’s really important—college!

That’s quite the focused niche! Do you face any challenges with the seasonality of the school year?

Yeah, we’re totally seasonal. And because of that, we end up having to train and re-train over and over again. Each moving season we onboard a bunch of people, many that have never even been exposed to what we do in the industry.

Has Trainual helped during those periods when you need to ramp up?

Trainual helps us introduce trainees to the family, the process, to the flow, including the sales flow.

It’s so beneficial because it stays congruent. The content is continuous. It only changes when we edit it. And that way, we know everybody is getting the same information all the time.

So consistency in training was an issue in the past?

Well I train differently than Stacy, and Stacy trains differently than Chelsea. Which is normal. But that means the messages that our trainees are receiving may not be the same. The understanding may be different based on who is training them.

Trainual provides a reliably consistent baseline.

What’s been the best part of using Trainual?

We use Trainual manually to bring on our new team members and give them a solid start. It helps to build their foundation of knowledge, so they have a grasp of what’s to come and what they’re going to be doing here.

Our Operations department alone has so many kinds of training, from how to create a label on the UPS shipping portal to booking a Valley courier, and we desperately needed a system that made it easier and quicker to learn everything.

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Nowhere. Most of it was in my head. So if I wasn’t in the building and someone had a question, they were pretty much screwed!

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