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High impact job description template

The Role

What you will own & improve: 

  1. [Key responsibility]

What you already know: 

  1. [Skill]

What you will learn:

  1. [Skill]

How success is measured:

  1. [Success metric]

About the team

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Social Media & Community Manager Job Description


You obsess over understanding consumer attention and trends, are all about LinkedIn organic, and were on TikTok before it was cool. You know why Casey crushes YouTube, binge the Gary Vee Audio Experience, aren’t afraid to slide into DMs, and understand how to create contextual content everywhere.

What you will own & improve:

  1. Social channels: You will be responsible for executing our brand marketing strategy across social channels, including Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. And you will be tasked with exploring and experimenting with other channels like TikTok, Twitch, and Snapchat.
  2. Copy creation & execution: You will be responsible for writing social captions, responding to comments and messages, and creating a schedule of content that is engaging, entertaining, and educational.
  3. Build Trainual community online: You will build an online community that features our blog, video, and podcast content while highlighting our product feature updates, events, and growth plans. Not only will you initiate a post, but you will chime into conversations online and maintain customer engagement through real interaction online.
  4. Social intentionality: We aren’t just posting to check a post box. So, you will represent the brand in the most meaningful way acting as the front lines of discoverability for who we are and the problem we are solving.

What you already know:

  1. How to conduct research on our industry, product, and competitors to build hashtags, campaigns, and copy that will resonate with our leads and customers.
  2. How to make people laugh and infuse your wit across platforms to engage prospective customers. Our brand is authentic, witty, and fun. You should be too.
  3. The platform doesn’t matter. The attention does. You should be obsessed with understanding communication trends across various social platforms, established and fringe. You create a profile and play just because.
  4. Photo/ video skills with a camera and design/production chops in Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier) is a major plus!

What you will learn (if you don’t know already):

  1. How to conceptualize, design, and implement a social strategy that engages our target customers.
  2. Strategies to track the success of your campaigns with analytics that tie directly to department KPIs. Once you’ve established a baseline, you will be responsible for the growth of channels and engagement metrics.
  3. How to establish a brand and create a category by way of authentic storytelling and casual communication.

How success is measured:

  1. Reach (increasing channel growth, engagement, likes, follows, subscribers, and more)
  2. Mentions (increasing brand awareness, conversations, positive sentiment)
  3. Organic traffic (increasing non-paid click through to the site, subscriber list, trials)

About the team

This role reports to our Director of Marketing.

Remember, if we have to ask you to take out your phone to post, this is not the role for you. You need to be obsessed with capturing moments, understanding what makes an interesting story, and knowing how to translate it to social.

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