Conflict of Interest Policy Template

Conflict Of Interest Policy Template

This template provides a basic structure for your conflict of interest policy. And it works as a starting point for building your company’s policy. We highly suggest adding, changing, or rearranging content to make it your own!

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This policy identifies what a conflict of interest looks like. Plus, if you find that you’re unintentionally involved in a conflict of interest, it will also outline a game plan for resolving these discrepancies.

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Our conflict of interest policy applies to all employees (including full-time, part-time, freelancers, contractors) and board members.

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What is a conflict of interest?

A conflict of interest refers to any personal activity by an employee that doesn’t align with their employer’s best interest or goals. In this case, [company name].

And as such, these circumstances can cloud the employee’s judgment or commitment to the company. And consequently, negatively affect the organization.

For example, conflicts of interest might include:

  • Using your position in the company for personal gain
  • Participating in activities that directly or indirectly benefit a competitor
  • Using company connections for your personal gain – without permission from the company
  • Utilizing company equipment for another business

Note: This is just a few examples and not an exhaustive list. If you have questions about other activities that constitute a conflict of interest, please contact [HR].

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Our conflict of interest policy

Our company does not allow employees to participate in any activities that post a conflict of interest. This includes all actions taken by an employee – both inside and outside of work.

If you have unknowingly entered a conflict of interest, please reach out to [your manager/HR]. And they will help you to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. No disciplinary action will ensue – unless no solution can be found.

However, if you purposefully engage in a conflict of interest – or deliberately conceal these activities – disciplinary actions will be taken. In these cases, [HR] will conduct a full investigation before settling on a resolution.

If you suspect any employee or board member at [company name] is involved in a conflict of interest – please address this with them. If a conflict of interest is happening, please involve [HR] immediately.

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Disciplinary action

The following may trigger disciplinary action:

  • Owning shares in a competitor’s stock
  • Working with a competitor (providing company information or freelancing included)
  • Utilizing company contacts or equipment for your personal gain
  • Any activities that put the company at legal risk
  • Concealing a known conflict of interest (even if it is not to your benefit)

In each case, [HR] will conduct a full investigation and apply our [disciplinary action process] accordingly.

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Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Have a question about this policy? Reach out to [HR contact].

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