Company Cell Phone Policy Template

Company Cell Phone Policy Template

This template provides a basic structure for your cell phone policy. And it works as a starting point for building your company’s policy. We highly suggest adding, changing, or rearranging content to make it your own!

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Banning cell phones seems a little high school. But there’s a fine line between phones helping boost productivity and being a total distraction. So, we have a few guidelines for when and how cell phones should be used while you’re at work.

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Our cell phone policy applies to all employees (full-time and part-time employees) while they are at work. It also extends to include any non-work-related messaging apps (like iMessage), regardless of what device they’re on.

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Our cell phone policy

While we allow cellphones to be used throughout the workday, we do not allow excessive cell phone use.

We define “excessive use” as any usage that:

  • Distracts you or someone else from the job on hand
  • Bothers other coworkers (such as loudly taking personal calls)
  • Can lead to security issues (such as visiting sketchy websites on company wifi)
  • Poses legal concerns (such as texting while driving a company car)
  • Threatens the confidentiality or security of the company

For example, all of the following use-cases are considered excessive and are not allowed:

  • Playing video games when you should be working
  • Spending hours on your personal social media accounts
  • Using your phone while driving a company car (even to switch the song)
  • Recording sensitive information with your camera or microphone
  • Talking loudly or on speakerphone in spaces where people are working
  • Purchases, downloading, or viewing any content that could be considered offensive
  • Engaging in any illegal online activities (such as pirating a video)
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So, when can you use your phone at work?

We allow – and even encourage – cell phone use for:

  • Making work-related calls
  • Checking important messages (work or personal)
  • Making personal phone calls (as long as it happens away from others)
  • Using apps that boost productivity

While on lunch or breaks

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Disciplinary action

You are responsible for monitoring that your cell phones don’t get in the way of your work. But we will apply our disciplinary action process to resolve the issue, if:

  • You are found abusing this policy (even if what you are doing is not explicitly defined as “excessive use”)
  • Your performance slips because of your cell phone
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Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Have a question about this policy? Reach out to [HR contact].

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