We’ve been telling you Trainual is pretty awesome for a while now. But if you’ve been skeptical hearing it from the horse’s mouth, how about hearing it from a Shark?

ABC Shark Tank’s investors and stars Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary and Bethenny Frankel share some quick thoughts on Trainual! And in Mr. Wonderful’s case, a little tune as well…

“Trainual uses software to help create training manuals online – that makes total sense. If somebody knows how to do a job at a company, why not have them input that data into software that helps others learn how to do the same job? Why is this important? It enhances productivity, makes companies more competitive, reduces cost…it’s all good! It makes total sense. Trainual is a great idea. Anything that helps companies compete, be more productive, and cut costs is a good thing.”

Kevin O’Leary, Entrepreneur, Investor, Shark


“I want to give a shoutout about the importance of building simple, scalable systems for onboarding and training. Process documentation can be such a headache. Trainual¬†is tackling the problem. You’re the best!”

– Bethenny Frankel, Skinny Girl Vodka Founder, Real Housewives Star, Shark


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