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For coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs looking to level up their business, grow their network, and change the way small businesses scale.

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Who's inside the Process People community?

Coaches and consultants

The people who help small businesses systemize and scale with their ops expertise. They’re passionate about processes and enabling growth for their clients and colleagues.

Process writers and SOP experts

Manual masters who not only make documentation a reality for businesses – but who are also pretty damn good at making it engaging. Plus, they help their clients get their business out of their brain.

Ops-minded business leaders

From COO’s to Directors, they’re in the driver’s seat for their company’s operations. And they’re always hungry to implement new ways to optimize processes and streamline systems.

Get the edge you’re missing

Process People puts everything you need to become the go-to small business influencer – in one place.

A community that gets you

Get plugged into a new client referral network and learn from the experiences of other leaders like you. And surround yourself with small business influencers that are always rooting for your success.

Another layer of credibility

Get certified with Trainual. AKA the #1 onboarding, training, and knowledge management tool for small businesses. And become the go-to person for SMBs looking to systemize and scale.

Tons of promo opportunities

Build your personal or professional brand by positioning yourself in front of our audience of 120k+ small business professionals – with exposure on our blog, podcasts, and more.

Create a passive revenue stream

When you refer a business to Trainual, keep a percentage of the profit. Or, give a discount for Trainual to your clients. Either way, we’ll share our marketing secrets to help you earn more sales from each at-bat.

“I've been able to meet new clients, share my expertise with companies that need system support, and build a great relationship with the Trainual team through this program.”
Liz Illg LI Group
“I owe a lot of the success of my business to this program. I love the support from the Trainual team and learning from other process-orientated entrepreneurs within the community. I highly recommend joining!”
Christopher Gwinn, CFA Great Lakes Advisory
“Joining this program has been a game-changer for me. When you're affiliated with Trainual, it's basically instant credibility for would-be clients because of the great product and reputation they've built. I almost feel like I've outsourced part of my marketing to Trainual!”
Tamara Kemper The Process Mavens

Sound like anyone you know?

Trainual CEO Chris Ronzio at a Process People event

We asked the people in Process People to describe themselves in one word. And by far, the most popular answer was “ambitious.”

Because all these consultants and coaches think about is building better systems and scaling processes. And as a result, they’ve successfully helped hundreds of small businesses reach their full potential.

If that’s something you want to be a part of, you’re in the right place! With Process People, you’ll grow your network exponentially, multiply your client list, and perfect your craft. Without having to do it all on your own.

Be part of something bigger

Meet fellow consultants. Get certified. Grow your business.

Getting started is easy

Submit your application

Just a few questions to make sure Process People is right for you. From start to finish, the application process takes 10 minutes!

Complete the orientation

Everything you’ll need to make the most out of the community – in one Trainual subject. All our best resources, tips, and tricks included.

Join the Slack group

You’ll get an invite to the exclusive community where you can network and collaborate with the best process pros around.

Get your welcome kit

Access tons of resources and tools that’ll level up your coaching or consulting business. Plus, get loaded up on free swag.

Get certified

Take the extra step to demonstrate your mastery of the Trainual tool. And distinguish yourself with the elite Trainual Certified Badge

Grow your business

Take full advantage of included promotional opportunities, access new clients, and lean on a community of industry experts.

Program tiers

Start free in Silver and earn your status, or purchase a first-class ticket today 😉


You – and what you need to be successful!

Meaning, if you’re looking for new clients, want to meet fellow consultants, need a specific resource, or just want to talk something out – we’re here for you.

We’ll even keep you in the loop on industry events, meetups, and the latest small business tools. So, you can stay focused on helping small businesses.

Nope – you can always start in the Silver tier (which is 100% free) and work your way up by getting referrals!

When you get 5 referrals in a year, you’ll be invited to Gold – without needing to pay the $1,000 enrollment fee. And when you get 15 referrals in a year, you’ll be invited to Platinum – again, without needing to pay the $2,000 enrollment fee.

The application process isn’t to keep you out. It’s to make sure Process People is right for you – before you commit!

So, there are no trick questions or wrong answers. We just want to know a bit about your consulting business, who your target clients are, and why you want to be part of the community.

The application takes roughly 5 minutes to complete. And you’ll hear back from us within one business day. (Yup – it’s really that quick!)

After that, you’ll run through everything you need to know about Process People in Trainual (it takes about 5 minutes). Then, you’re in!

Absolutely! Process People is meant for any consultant who helps small businesses level up their processes (whether they’ve been doing it for a day or 10 years).

As of right now, all our events are virtual. But once we feel it’s 100% safe to do so, we plan on offering in-person events as well as virtual ones.

When you refer someone to Trainual, you get a percentage of the profits every time they’re billed.

The percentage you get depends on the tier you’re at when the commission pays out:

  • Silver gets 10% commission
  • Gold gets 15% commission
  • Platinum gets 20% commission

But here’s the catch! It pays to stay active (literally). Meaning, if you don’t refer a Trainual customer for 12 months, you’ll stop receiving commissions on past referred accounts.

You’ll get paid around the 10th of each month for any of your referrals billed in the prior month. Partnerstack (AKA our affiliate platform) will notify you when you get paid and prompt you to transfer the money into your bank account.

It depends. If you worked your way up to your current tier, you’re there for life!

But if you paid for your status, you can be reset to Silver if you don’t pay your annual renewal fee and don’t have enough referrals to stay at that tier.

You only have to pay the renewal fee if you have not gotten enough referrals to stay at your current tier.

For example, if you paid to be at Gold. But you only have 3 referrals so far. You will need to pay the $1,000 annual fee, or you’ll get dropped back down to Silver.

However, if you paid to be at Gold. And you have 5 referrals. You can stay at that tier without paying the annual fee.

The team behind Process People

Trainual team

Process People is hosted by the Trainual team. AKA the people transforming the way small businesses onboard, train, and scale their teams. And that includes you!

Trusted by thousands of companies in 170+ countries, Trainual is the #1 training, onboarding, and knowledge management tool for small businesses.

And once you’re part of the team, you get all the resources Trainual has to offer. Plus, a behind-the-scenes look at the world’s best training tool and a direct say over how the product shapes moving forward.

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