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Hearpreneur: 26 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Being An Entrepreneur

Being in love is great. Being in love with your business, when you’re an entrepreneur, is even better. Waking up each morning knowing you are getting to do exactly what you love is more than most people could ever say about any “job” they have had. Although there are days when tossing in your hat seems like a viable option, remembering how much you love your “job” can quickly snap an entrepreneur out of that mentality. Different business owners also have different reason why they love their business. It might be the products or the customers they deal with, or it could even be the fact that they are the ones in charge of it all. The reasons are as varied as the businesses themselves.

We asked some entrepreneurs what they loved about “being their own boss.”

Being an entrepreneur is like being a conductor of an orchestra. You sit in between some amazingly talented people and the customers in their seats – and you get to watch both of them, helping connect the notes and emotions and desires to create as much exchange of value as possible. I love being able to keep a pulse on our customers. Every day I go into the lab with my team to build things that make our customers happier. It’s gratifying to see feedback from them about how we’re helping to make their business easier, and it’s gratifying to help advance each person on our team.. I think being an entrepreneur affords you the unique luxury to do both, as well as see how the

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