November 2020: The Trainual New Feature Roundup

Marcus Jones

December 03, 2020

As we finally near the end of the longest year, our team has been plugging away to get your go-to training app in tip-top shape for the new year. Fixing bugs, optimizing your favorite functions, and setting the groundwork for bigger and better features included.

But that doesn’t mean I have nothing for you! Here’s a roundup of the top features that help you make the most of Trainual:

iOS and Android App

TL;DR: Get all your need-to-knows on-the-go with our iOS and Android apps.

Let’s be real – your work doesn’t always happen sitting at your desk. It happens out in the field, at meetings, or, in 2020’s case, from the comfort of your home. 

So we built an easy-to-use mobile app that puts your entire company playbook in your pocket. That way, no matter where you’re working from these days, you can access all your company need-to-knows in seconds. 

👉 Download the Trainual app directly from the App Store or Google Play today.

Content Access

TL;DR: Customize which users can edit, manage, or view a specific Subject – without changing their permission levels.

How content access works on Trainual.

You probably have the hang of permission levels (AKA the age-old “Admin or General User” question when you invite new users).

But sometimes, you need your General Users to step up and help build a few Subjects. And you don’t necessarily want to give them full Admin power. So, give them Admin access to only that one Subject using content access.

In just a few clicks, you can customize exactly who can edit, manage, or view a specific Subject. Without changing their access level across your entire Trainual account. Simply choose a Subject, select “Manager Roles,” then head to the “Content Access” tab to grant access.

👉 Once a month we teach a group of Trainual users all the ins and outs of content access (and how you can apply it today) – in under 30-mins. Save your spot today.


TL;DR: Spot check that your team retained their training with multiple-choice and written response questions.

You put in the work to build awesome training content for your team. But before your team puts the knowledge to use, test that they actually understood it all – without leaving Trainual.

At the end of each Subject, just after the most important need-to-knows, or as a random spot-check, add a few questions (multiple-choice or written response) to gauge who understood what. That way, no one moves on (or heads into the field) without being 100% aligned. 

🔥 Tip: We like to get creative with how we use tests. So we’ve made true or false questions (using multiple-choice) and quick surveys (using written response) with Trainual’s test features.


TL;DR: Post company-wide announcements with just 2 clicks.

Sometimes who does what and how to do things changes. And when they do, keep all the talk about your latest ways to do things in the forum. No more digging through your inbox or hoping someone told so-and-so.

Simply post your update (it only takes 2 clicks). If you want it to be a one-off announcement, close the post right off the bat. Otherwise, leave it open to generate some buzz and crowdsource company best practices. You can even choose if everyone sees it or just select team members.

The forum will automatically archive any activity, so your team can easily reference the information again and again. 

👉 Join us for our Quick Wins series to walk through all the ways to leverage the forum – in under 30-mins. Save your spot today.

Chrome Extension

TL;DR: Search for what you need from any Chrome webpage. 

Okay – you caught us. We have a favorite browser – and it’s Google Chrome. But we also know we’re not alone (all the cool kids are using it these days).

How to add the Trainual extension to your Google Chrome.

So, if you’re one of us, install the Chrome extension so you can search for answers inside Trainual and view your team’s completion rates – without leaving your webpage.

👉 Install the Trainual extension to your Chrome browser.

Have questions? Feedback? Ideas you’d like to see? We’re here for you! Drop us a line at – and one of our product experts will get back to you ASAP.

Otherwise, we’ll see you right back here next month for our December Roundup!

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