Build your playbook without the heavy lifting

Getting started is the hardest part – especially when you’re starting from scratch. So, let us get your existing training docs into Trainual for you. And go from there!

We’ll meet you where you’re at

Option 1: Full migration

Send us everything you’ve got, and walk away with your playbook fully built.

Option 2: Migration & Optimization

Give us the playbook your team’s currently using, and we’ll take it to the next level!

Full Migration

Have pretty much all your knowledge written down but don’t have the bandwidth to get it organized in Trainual? We’ll do that for you! Embedding all your videos, screenshots, and .pdfs included. All you have to do is make the final edits and assign it out.

6-day turnaround

Migration & Optimization

Give us everything you got, and we’ll get it organized in Trainual. Plus, our Certified Consultants will tweak your content to boost engagement. This includes optimizing your content for how people learn best – with gifs, images, and more. (We’ll even teach you how to do it!)

10-day turnaround

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