Meet The First-Ever Trainual 20 Award Winners

Becky Winter

September 29, 2021

Small business success isn’t just about massive growth. It’s about making running your business easier by documenting processes, training team members, and standardizing results. Yet, most small business awards only look at profit and growth to name winners. But not the Trainual 20 (T20) award.

And at this year’s first annual Trainual Insider Summit (a free user conference for Trainual users), we recognized the small businesses doing all those things (and more). AKA the first winners of the T20. 

Over the past several weeks, our team has worked diligently to determine which Trainual customers are best living up to this definition of small business success. We reviewed thousands of companies who were in the running. 

But we didn’t want this small business award to go to the biggest company, which would defeat the purpose. So, we ranked all those companies in 4 different categories: Assignments, published subjects, total subjects, and completions. And we took the average ranking to determine the winners!

Altogether, these companies trained nearly 10,000 people with Trainual and published 1,000+ subjects that explained how to do what they do. 

We are honored and humbled to play a small role in the journeys of these businesses and can’t wait for our community to fall in love with them the way we have.

1. Proscapes LLC

Proscapes is a family-owned landscaping and outdoor-living company serving Madison, Wisconsin. Co-founded by Michael Krintz and now-retired Justin Johnson, they’ve built a value-driven team focused on leaving a legacy. And that depends on consistent, reliable performance from well-trained employees. 

They’ve documented their business well with more than 100 subjects. They’ve trained their team with 1,800+ assignments. And their employees have already completed nearly half of those assignments. 

2. CurrentBody

CurrentBody is an online pioneer in beauty devices that mimic professional, on-site technology. The company was co-founded by Laurence Newman (a medical device sales expert) and Andrew Showman (an eCommerce expert). Together, the duo has built a company focused on product knowledge and customer care.

With nearly 100 published subjects, this team has thoroughly documented their business. And in one year, they created 1,500+ assignments in Trainual – and ranked #1 in assignments per user.

3. MicroSi

MicroSi is a leading manufacturer and supplier to the semiconductor and microelectronics industries. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, their small team supplies global customers with advanced technologies and innovative products (thanks to shared knowledge and proper protocol). 

With over 100 published subjects, nearly 1,000 assignments, and 700+ completions, MicroSi is not only well documented – they’re also well trained.

4. Sunshine Admin

Sunshine Admin provides home-service companies (think plumbing or HVAC) with 24/7 customer service, dispatch, and admin teams. Founded by Yvonne Villeneuve, the company prides itself on providing clients with a memorable customer experience and improved profits. 

The team depends on documentation – with nearly 150 published subjects and 3,600+ assignments. That’s the most assignments on this list by over a thousand. They also came in second with 2,800 completions – beat only by Prosper Real Estate (#9).

5. Jump! Gymnastics

Jump! Gymnastics offers preschool gymnastics schools around Austin, Texas. Founded and owned by Natalie Egan, the classes combine structure and play for children to learn skills and build imagination. And they depend on a well-trained team to offer consistent, reliable services across multiple locations. 

This small team has published 65 subjects, created 700+ assignments, and completed over 500 of those assignments in one year.

6. Clinical Trials Research Group

Clinical Trial Research Group (CTRG) is an independent partner for sponsors developing new pharmaceuticals or medical devices for vitreoretinal diseases. They work with the sponsors to develop, coordinate, and conduct human clinical trials for all phases and sizes. And with no room for error, they rely heavily on their team’s documentation.

7. Doctor’s Optimal Formula

Doctor’s Optimal Formula is a premium nutraceuticals and supplement provider, founded by physicians for physicians. Their formulas are based on the most current medical research and are currently used by 14,000+ practices.

8. SMC

SMC specializes in building marketing systems for emerging dental service organizations and group practices. And using the proven processes they’ve documented in Trainual, SMC offers training and streamlined processes that help dental offices serve more patients.

9. Prosper Real Estate

Prosper Real Estate is a full-service property management and real estate firm that connects tenets with investment property owners and mediates the relationship. For the past 15 years, they’ve managed a wide range of single and multi-family residential homes across Wisconsin.

10. Century 21 New Millennium

Century 21 New Millennium is a real estate firm that helps military families find places to live and relocate when duty calls. And since founding the company in his basement in 1989, founder and CEO Todd Hetherington has grown his company to serve DC, Maryland, and Virginia. All while getting recognized as a top workplace by The Washington Post.

11. Certified Radon

Certified Radon has helped homeowners in Colorado keep radon levels as low as possible without sacrificing excellent air quality. To make this happen, their team uses Trainual to ensure their team is fully up-to-speed with EPA guidelines and best practices for installing systems.

12. Fast Company US

Fast Company has one goal: Help dealerships sell more cars. To do that, they provide digital marketing services, like promotional videos and photos, for car dealerships nationwide and provide top-tier customer service.

13. True Realty

True Realty is a real estate brokerage that prides itself on offering a headache-less real estate experience in the Denver Metro area. But they also recognize that one person cannot be the expert on everything. So, the brokerage relies heavily on documentation to get clients the answers they need quickly and provide above-and-beyond service.

14. West Coast Pool & Spa Ltd

West Coast Pool & Spa Ltd provides maintenance service for residential and commercial pools in the Metro-Vancouver area. Their services include inspecting pools, installing equipment, detecting leaks, and more.

15. CashMan

CashMan helps businesses keep their cash safe by providing armored transportation and vaulting, physical security, and cash and coin storage equipment. In Utah, they’re the only company that provides all three of these services.

16. Au Dental

Au Dental opened its first dental clinic in Kuala Lumpur in 1999 and has since grown into a 4 location operation that has served 28,500+ patients.

17. Lazar Spinal Care, PC

Led by Dr. Jonathan Lazar, Lazar Spinal Care, PC is a Michigan-based medical group practice specializing in spinal care.

18. The Fischer Group

The Fischer Group is a conglomerate of companies that helps clients move ideas through the product development process and get the finished product onto shelves.

19. Chorbie

Chorbie provides lawn care, pest control, and other exterior improvement services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

20. Barmetrix

Barmetrix is a hospitality and coaching business that has helped 5,000+ bars and restaurant owners cut costs, run more efficient operations, and streamline operations. 

👉 Want to make next year’s list? Plan to document more subjects, assign more content, and make sure employees complete all their training.

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