Introducing The App That Puts Your Complete Business Playbook In Your Pocket

Becky Winter

January 21, 2020

This one app gives your team access to everything they need to know to do their best work and transforms the way you train, grow, and scale. All of your policies, procedures, and best practices, now available in the palm of your employee’s hands. 

Imagine you’re on the sales team and you’ve been sent to man the booth at the local expo. You’re new on the job so you’re still learning the ins and outs of things, including how to represent your company at a trade show!

You’re the first one there from your team and manage to get everything set up, but your manager calls and tells you that she’s not going to be able to make it. Basically, you’re on your own.

People start pouring into the expo hall and you begin to panic, realizing you have no idea what to say to them. You were counting on your manager being there to show you the ropes. You don’t have access to your computer to reference your training content, because you didn’t think you’d need it. Now what?

Let’s be real—you have your smartphone in your pocket, or at least somewhere at an arm’s distance away. You think, “there should be an app for this.”

Well, cue the confetti because now there is! Meet the Trainual app.

Trainual makes it easy to search and reference your entire company playbook from wherever you are, whenever you need it.

In just two years, more than 30,000 users in 100+ countries have documented their policies and procedures in Trainual, empowering their teams to do their best work and never feel lost without the info they need.

Now with the Android and iOS apps, sharing knowledge across your team is even more accessible, efficient, and easier than ever!

Access knowledge, anywhere

We know that not having access to your company how-to’s and SOPs could lead to costly mistakes, making you less successful on the job and frustrated with a lack of direction. That’s no fun for anyone!

So we made a way for employees who work in the field, who are away from their desks, and who simply prefer to consume content on their phones to access the company playbook, anytime, anywhere.

Now you won’t need to wing it when you can’t remember how to turn off the alarm at the office or forget what you’re supposed to do when you get to a client’s house for a job. You’ll leave your boss undisturbed at 7 am when you decide to go in early, your client happy, and yourself with a job well done.

The proof is in the data pudding

In keeping with today’s multigenerational workforce and the upward trend we’re all seeing in preferred mobile content consumption, the mobile app was built as a helpful extension to the features that we’ve offered to customers using the desktop version for years.

In beta testing the mobile app, we put our data hats on and have found that users were able to access and find information 300% faster than they could on desktop.?

With remote work on the rise, the global workforce is predicted to be comprised of 1.87 billion mobile employees by 2022, so it makes sense to ensure your content is available where the demand is moving.

Thousands of downloads and counting

With the mobile app, you can easily complete Trainual Subjects, take Tests to prove knowledge retention and boost accountability, mark Steps complete and search any content that’s documented in your company’s account by a single keyword—just like you can with the original Trainual desktop app.

After you download the app, simply log in with your Trainual account credentials and start training or searching for what you need. It’s that simple!

Download the Trainual app directly from the Apple App Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android today.

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