Introducing Quick Embeds: Your New Favorite Feature

Lo Kidd

August 01, 2020

Let’s be real – adding a video, graphic, or any other rich media to your playbook should be as simple as dropping a link. And finally, it is!

Enter Quick Embeds.

One feature that gives you 700+ ways to make your content more engaging. (Plus, it takes less than 3 seconds to use.) No technical know-how or back-end code digging required.

Here’s what you need to know:

How to use Quick Embeds

Simply copy the share link to whatever content you want in your playbook. This can be to a video, a song, a photo, a podcast, or even a social post.

Inside your Trainual step builder, click the lightning bolt in the top left and search for the content provider. For example, if you are adding a Spotify song, search “Spotify.” Then, paste the link.

Quick Embeds will take care of the rest!

To move embedded content, simply drag and drop it where you want it to go. Or, if you decide to delete a block altogether, simply click and hit “delete” on your keyboard.

All the ways it works for you

Don’t worry – we won’t dive into all 700+ ways one by one. But we will give you a high-level overview of the most exciting ones:


When it comes to employee training, sometimes it’s easier to show, not tell. And a quick video (or the occasional full-length episode of The Office) is a great way to do that.

However, sending a link doesn’t guarantee your team will watch.

Instead, embed a video directly into your playbook, and assign it out! Your team can watch it start to finish without ever leaving the page.

Supported video apps include YouTube, Wistia, Hulu, Loom, and more!


We’ve heard pictures are worth a thousand words. But when you use them to clarify what you’re explaining or keep people engaged, they’re worth a whole lot more!

When you’re building out your content, embed photos, screenshots, and gifs to shorten the learning curve and keep people’s eyes from glazing over. Like this:👇

You can do this in Quick Embeds!

Just be sure the photo you’re using relates to the text around it (otherwise, it might be confusing).

Supported photo apps include Instagram, Flickr, Giphy, Pexels, and more!

Rich Media

Want to make your content even more interactive? We’ve got you!

Take your training to the next level with a range of rich media files. And with supported apps to embed .pdfs, audio files, surveys, and more, if you can dream it, you can do it.

And when you use a variety of content types, you accommodate a range of learning styles and help everyone on your team to get up to speed faster.

Supported media apps include GitHub, Scribd, Typeform, Google Slides, and more!

Did we forget to call out one of your favorite content apps? Quick Embeds supports 700+ (and counting) top providers – feel free to browse the complete list!

Why it’s such a big deal

It’s not every day that a process that used to take hours gets cut down to seconds. (Let alone over 700 of them.) But Quick Embeds does exactly that!

And while this might go without saying – when you build content quicker, you can roll it out to your team faster. (This goes for any edits you need to make as well.)

And here’s why it’s not just a deal, but a big deal: It does all this without cutting corners.

Your content is now more engaging than ever. Meaning, your team will retain more of it longer. And they’ll need to be retrained less often (which is a huge win for you)!

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