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Every business is unique. But how your business operates and grows can easily be systemized. It just takes a little dedication to a lot of documentation.

This guided assessment will measure your business systems, processes, and stories related to marketing, sales, finance, products, and more. Because it takes understanding where you’re at today to build a plan for a more scalable business future!

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Why should I document my business processes?

When a business grows, the company can become more challenging to manage and it gets harder to be efficient. Procedures won’t always work themselves out. This difficulty is why start-ups and companies can lose momentum once they expand in size.

Well-organized process documentation is one of the best ways to ensure that projects run smoothly in your scaling company. Whenever you introduce a new process or refine an existing one, documentation can help.

What is the first step to documenting what you do?

Small business legend, author of the E-Myth, Michael E. Gerber weighs in on why you need to get your business out of your brain. Plus when, and how to start.

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