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Like building a house, the foundation takes time. But once that’s done, the rest goes up really fast. It’s the same for your business. Your playbook—Trainual—is your foundation, established so that your business and team can really grow.

“[Thanks to Trainual's employee training software], I can now train 10 people in 10 different places at once!”
Dr. Flora Waples Co-Founder, RESTOR Medical Spa
“New hires are now fully trained, adding value in 7 business days, compared to 20 prior.”
Carson Holmquist CEO & Founder, Stream Logistics
“I recommend Trainual to any business owner who wants to work less and make more.”
Scott Fritz
“In the beginning, we documented our policies and procedures in word docs. As our firm has grown, we realized the need for more central, user-friendly process documentation. Trainual has proven to have the best UI for our group & will allow us to expand to multiple locations while maintaining uniformity.”
Heather P. Director of Team Services, The Royce CPA Firm
“I love the fact that I can do away with annoying paper manuals. I can assign employees to different subjects and ALL our company information is available to us with a click of a button. The combination of words and video for our employees has been a game changer for us!”
Veri R. Financial Services, 11-50 employees
“We’ve always been good with documenting processes in our business, but Trainual lets us track the usage and progress of each process and forces us to simplify and organize associated or complimentary documents together.”
Greg Hickman Founder and CEO, Systemly
“Trainual was the missing piece in the puzzle for us. We’ve been documenting processes for years, but it wasn’t uncommon for employees to say they didn’t know where to look. Trainual helps us close the gap.”
Jeff P.
“We have added 7 employees in the last 9 months and it has been essential for sending everyone through Trainual, saving my managers a ton of time. Comprehensive tests really get the new hires engaged.”
Tony A. CEO, Leisure, Travel & Tourism, 11-50 employees
“The most helpful thing about trainual has been the hands-off approach to teaching our new team members about our culture, core values, and processes.”
Samara P. Operations Coordinator, The James Agency

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