1 Month In, 11 New Feature Releases!


February 06, 2018

We launched Trainual 2.0 last month, and our team hasn’t lost any momentum since! Today, we rolled out 11 new feature updates and can’t wait for you to check them out!

  • Move a Topic or Test to another Subject from within the Subject Outline View
  • Download CSV file of any report
  • Billing Admins can edit plans (and upgrade your account!) in settings
    • You can also update/change your credit card here
  • Search all content/results using search bar
    • This also includes Forum posts!
  • New activities are now displayed in the dashboard (topic completions, test attempts/scores)
  • Changes are automatically saved when typing content in topic/test
  • Users can now have multiple roles
  • Reorder subjects by dragging and dropping (and that order is reflected for users!)
  • Manage roles associated with a single subject in edit view

As always, feel free to reach out to support@trainual.com with any questions!

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